Health Canada Has Ordered A Nationwide Recall Of Popular Salad Dressing Due To Salmonella Contamination

There's already been a major illness outbreak.
Health Canada Has Ordered A Nationwide Recall Of Popular Salad Dressing Due To Salmonella Contamination

Recalls have been an extremely common topic amongst Canadians these past few weeks. After romaine lettuce was recalled across the country for E. coli, most of us felt pretty insecure about eating any leafy vegetables still on shelves.

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TL;DR Achva and S&F brand Tahini products have been recalled across Canada due to Salmonella contamination. An illness outbreak sparked the initial investigation by the CFIA, with potential for more products recalls in the future. More details below.

But, to our knowledge, that was the worst it could get. With a massive outbreak like that, what else could possibly happen in the Canadian food industry?

Well, if you ever thought you'd one day be able to enjoy a salad again, you're completely wrong. One popular salad dressing and vegetable dip has just been recalled nationwide because of Salmonella contamination and it's going to ruin your whole perception of what you consider "healthy" from now on.


Achva and S&F have recalled multiple Tahini products from stores after an illness outbreak was confirmed from consuming the product.

The following products have just been recalled due to the potential of Salmonella contamination:


  • Achva - Whole Sesame Tahini
  • Achva - Organic Tahini
  • Achva - Tahini
  • Achva - Whole Tahini
  • Achva - Seasoned Tahini
  • Achva - Tahini with Crushed Sesame Seeds
  • Achva - Tahini 18kg 
  • S&F - Pure Tahini 18kg


The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is currently investigating the contamination and outbreak, which could lead to more recalled products in the future.


If you think you've consumed one of these products, visit a doctor immediately. Although Salmonella has no smell and food would not look spoiled, people with weakened immune systems can contract deadly infections from eating contaminated foods.

If you have a recalled product at home, throw it out or return it to your retailer for full refund. 

For more information on the Salmonella outbreak in tahini products and other recalls, click HERE.

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