Health Canada Is Warning People To Get Their Children Vaccinated

Yes, really...
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Health Canada Is Warning People To Get Their Children Vaccinated

The Canadian Government just released a statement today that warns against potential dangers of using homeopathic medicine as a substitute for vaccinations. Yes, these anti-vaxxers have made Health Canada release an official statement about this. What a world. 

In the report, Health Canada is "concerned about the false claims being made in some marketing of homeopathic remedies". They also state that "no homeopathic products should be promoted as an alternative to vaccines". Have we seriously reached the point where the government has to tell us to beg us not to listen to anti-vaxxers? 


TL;DR  Health Canada has just issued a statement warning people against anti-vaxxer's homeopathic methods. We're all super disappointed that this is where we're at as a society. 

The government is warning parents of what can happen to their kids if they subscribe to the anti-vax dogma. They warn of a specific vaccination alternative called "nosodes", which have been proven as unsafe alternatives not only by the Canadian Government but also the American Library of Medicine, and countless other scientific publications. 

With anti-vaxxer billboards popping up in Toronto and other Canadian cities, the government is right to be concerned about the populations.

While many will cry foul over the government trying to tell parents what to do, the fact that the government has to do this is a testament to how misinformed about vaccinations some people are. 

In their report, Health Canada pleads with parents that haven't vaccinated their kids to "act now and speak with your healthcare provider". They also urge healthcare professionals to "use evidence [against nosodes and other alternatives] in an open manner". 

They've provided this handy product complaint form for anyone who finds or uses this nonsense homeopathic medicine as a vaccine alternative. Further to that, they remind Canadians that any medical products that don't follow the stringent regulations provided by Health Canada and the Food and Drugs Act are illegal and action will be taken against anyone who promotes, sells, or uses these alternative medicines. 

So remember kids, if your parents are anti-vaxxers and insist on using potentially dangerous and illegal vaccination alternatives, call the RCMP on them and then run to the doctor to get your damn vaccinations before you get measles. 

Teddy Elliot
Staff Writer