Health Canada Warning: Bacterial Infection Outbreak Linked To Quebec Lettuce

Health Canada is currently investigating an outbreak of E. coli bacteria in Quebec, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland and Labrador. 

The outbreak seems to be linked to romaine lettuce, however they have no idea which product is causing the infections. 

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You should be very careful about eating romaine lettuce, because so far 21 people have been infected and 10 had to be hospitalized.

 "Most people with an E. coli infection will become ill for a few days and then recover fully. Some E. coli infections can be life threatening, though this is rare."

Luckily, so far no deaths have been reported.

Symptoms include: Nausea, vomiting, headache, mild fever, severe stomach cramps, and (hope you aren't eating right now) watery or bloody diarrhea.

Pregnant women, young children and older adults have the highest risk of developing deadly complications.

Here's what you can do to protect yourself:

  • If you want to be extra careful, avoid romaine lettuce until more is known about the outbreak. 

  • Wash your hands before and after handling lettuce.

  • Wash your lettuce thoroughly and discard the outer leaves.

  • Do not soak lettuce in a sink full of water.

  • Wash all utensils, countertops and cutting boards with soap before and after handling lettuce

  • Do not keep lettuce for more than 7 days or if wilted. 

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