Health Officials In Canada Have Issued Massive Recall Of Nutrition Products Due To Dangerous Bacterial Contamination

When there's a national recall on a food product in Canada, you typically assume it'll be fresh produce or something that could have easily been contaminated such as raw meat.

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TL;DR Health Canada has issued a nationwide recall on certain Abbott brand formulated liquid nutrition products due to a bacterial contamination. As of now, there is one reported case of illness. A list of the contaminated products is included below.

It's not a relief by any means, but at least you have an idea what kind of products to scrutinize when grocery shopping. That way, it's easy to trust any other products you may be purchasing for your family.

Well, Health Canada's latest recall may have just flipped everything upside-down, because you seriously would not have expected this product to be dangerously contaminated. 

Via Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Abbott Brand formulated liquid nutrition has just issued a national recall for certain formulas due to a bacterial contamination. The products that have been recalled are:

  • Ensure
  • Ensure Plus
  • Ensure Fibre
  • Jevity
  • Osmolite
  • Suplena
  • Pediasure
  • Glucerna
  • Promote
  • TwoCal HN

The biggest concern is that the products are created for infants and children as well as the elderly, meaning the most at risk age groups are the ones consuming these products.

Via Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Health Canada warns that consumers should not use the product whatsoever and any retailers, as well as hospitals and nursing homes, should not sell or distribute any of the products listed.

As of now, there has been one reported illness related to the bacterial contamination of the nutrition products. 

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has confirmed that the listed products are being removed from stores, but if you already have a product at home it should either be thrown out or brought back to your local retailer for a refund.

If you think yourself or a family member has become ill after consuming the product(s) call your doctor immediately for further instruction.

For more information on Canada's recalls and to stay up to date with food safety, click HERE.

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