Health Officials Order Canada-Wide Recall Of Smoked Salmon Infected With Listeria

Nothing is better than coming home from work and cooking a delicious meal with a glass of wine. The only thing that could ruin this is food that's contaminated and makes you violently ill. 

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TL;DR Monsieur Émile Smokehouse brand and unbranded Smoked Salmon is being recalled by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. These products could potentially contain Lysteria. If you do consume these products, consult your doctor and throw out/return the salmon.

Just this afternoon, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) ordered a recall of Monsieur Émile Smokehouse brand and unbranded Smoked Salmon due to a potential Listeria monocytogenes contamination. These products are sold refrigerated from the marketplace. 

These are the products in Quebec that have been recalled: 

Via News Wire

Be on the lookout for these products: 

Via Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Via Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Via Canadian Food Inspection Agency

If you do have these products, do not consume them. Instead, either return them or throw them out. If you have ingested the salmon, please consult your physician. 

Food that is contaminated with Lysteria does not look or smell spoiled, so you won't be able to tell by examining the product. 

Symptoms of a lysteria infection include headache, confusion, stiff neck, loss of balance, convulsions, fever, and muscle aches. This type of infection is especially dangerous for pregnant women (it could lead to a fetal infection or even stillbirth) and those with lowered immune systems. 

Check the Canadian Food Inspection Agency website for more information.