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Heart-Warming Winter Video That Reminds You To Not Let Life Get In The Way Of Happiness

In today's modern age, dominated by technology, virtual worlds, and instant access, we've somewhat lost the very thing that inspired it all - imagination. We've mastered social sharing, but avoid socializing. We are more efficient, but waste so much time. We work hard, but have forgotten how to play.

As inevitable as it is,the business of life just seems to get in the way more than ever before, and we unfortunately allow it. That's truly one of the awesome things about being a kid - Adventures are common, and they still see the wonder that's all around them, instead of represented to them on smartphone screens.

And that's exactly the message behind Cineplex's new animated short film, that tells the story of a friendly snowman who performs shadow puppet shows a young girl named Lily. They become a nightly ritual, but as time moves on, Lily grows up and slowly forgets about the simple things she used to enjoy. It's not until a harmless accident one, that she's reminded of what's really important.

Featuring a unique rendition of Genesis’ Follow you, Follow me, Lily & the Snowman is the perfect reminder at this time of year, to look up once in a while and see the big picture. So take a moment, and watch the video below, and I dare you not to melt when you see the Snowman smile again after so many years.