Heartbreaking New Video Shows The Ruined Interior Of Notre-Dame Cathedral

The charred remains of the roof are now in the middle of the cathedral.
Heartbreaking New Video Shows The Ruined Interior Of Notre-Dame Cathedral

Perhaps the most shocking aspect of the Notre-Dame Cathedral fire is the speed with which images of the burning structure spread around the world. Within seconds of the start of the fire, people across the globe were able to watch collectively through videos posted to social media as the world heritage site was consumed by flames.

That shared experience of grief has translated into a worldwide effort to contribute to the rebuilding of the cathedral. The spectacle of collective mourning has transformed into a demonstration of resilience.

A video posted to Youtube showing the ruined interior of Notre-Dame encapsulates these dual attitudes. While the damage is heartbreaking, more striking is the number of objects that appear to have survived.

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TL;DR A video posted to Youtube shows the destroyed interior of the Notre-Dame cathedral. What is perhaps most astonishing, however, is the number of objects that have survived.

"This footage came from a safety service member looking at the damage inside Notre Dame Cathedral," the video caption reads.

While charred wood and water cover the cathedral floor, many of the pews are still standing in their original spots.


Signs instructing visitors to remain silent are also untouched.


One statue that sits precariously on a column seems miraculously unharmed.


At least one rose window seems to be intact.

The damage is of course incredible, however. The burnt remains of the collapsed roof lie in the centre of the cathedral. A look up to the ceiling shows that the cathedral is now largely an empty shell of stone walls.

Watch the video below:

French president Emmanuel Macron has pledged to rebuiled the cathedral within five years. Benefactors have already contributed tens of millions of dollars to the effort.

Stay tuned for more news.