Heated Sidewalks On Montreal's Sainte-Catherine Street In 2017

6 kilometers worth of winter safety in the city.
Heated Sidewalks On Montreal's Sainte-Catherine Street In 2017

The news first came out last year, but the idea is being floated around once again.

We even heard the hosts on CJAD discussing it on the morning show.

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The plan is to install some heated sidewalks on a stretch of Saint-Catherine street, that way the sidewalks will always be clear of snow and ice.

The first phase of the work is a 670 km stretch between Bleury Street and Mansfield Street.

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When the plan was first announced, construction was get to begin in 2017 and be done by 2019, so hopefully everything is still on schedule.

If the project is successful, we would be the first city in Canada to install heated sidewalks on a large scale.

As an extra bonus, the city would save a lot of money in snow clearing costs, there would be less wear and tear caused by the plows, and it would help prevent falls caused by the ice.

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