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"Hello Kitty" Is Now An International Air Line

The cutest plane on earth.
"Hello Kitty" Is Now An International Air Line

Last week, the first ever EVA Air,  "Hello Kitty jet" took off in Los Angeles. The Boeing 777-300ER stood out in the sky with its colorful and animated decor. EVA Air chairman, KW Chang explained that "Hello Kitty jets [were designed] to make flying fun and passengers love them"

Flying the "Hello Kitty jet" doesn't only meaning sitting in a colorful airplane. It also includes its own "Hello Kitty adventure". The flying experience begins at check in, where passengers are given special boarding passes and luggage stickers. Further, the flight attendants are dressed in Hello Kitty attire from head to toe. On top of that, complementary meals and snacks are served with customized Hello Kitty appliances.

Check out the photos from EVA Air's "Hello Kitty jet"

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