As you probably know by now, all of Canada's Nationals will be free to visit in 2017.

Only there seems to be some confusion out there about which parks will actually be included in this promotion.

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Quebec has a ton of Parks and Wildlife reserves, except most of those are actually Quebec Provincial Parks, so they aren't included on the list of the parks you can visit for free.

We contacted SEPAQ to confirm this information and were told that none of Quebec Provincial Parks will be free in 2017.

But there are however 3 Canadian National Parks in Quebec you can visit if you get your Discover Pass, and here they are:

Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve of Canada

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Wildlife in the park includes beavers, foxes, black bears puffins grey seals, minke, whales, dolphins and moose. limestone bedrock it's one of Canada's most spectacular natural monuments.

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La Mauricie National Park

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Wildlife in the park includes moose, black bears, beavers and otters. It supports a small number of wood turtles, rare in Canada. The park is a popular location for camping, canoeing and kayaking.

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Forillon National Park

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Wildlife in the park includes sea birds, whales, seals, foxes, bears, moose and many many more! Forillon National Park offers a ton of things to do by the sea and in the forest and the scenery is absolutely spectacular.

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The Rest Of Canada

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In case Quebec just isn't enough for you, you can also check out these 25 Canadian National Parks.

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