Here Are All The Funniest April's Fools Jokes You Missed This Weekend

...and some surprisingly real stories that fooled me.
Here Are All The Funniest April's Fools Jokes You Missed This Weekend

We made it through, guys! 

Yesterday was April Fool's Day, and aside from all the parents wrapping up veggies and fruits as chocolates to fool their kids on Easter, there were plenty of pranks pulled on us all around the world. 

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We all know to be careful about what we read on April 1st... but that doesn't mean that some of the stories aren't brilliant ideas. 

Here are some of the best April Fool's Day pranks this year.

Disney Buys WWE 

BREAKING NEWS: WWE Sold To Walt Disney Company For $5 Billion; Vince McMahon Confirms

April 1, 2018

Disney owns Marvel, and they make epic action-adventure flicks all the time. Disney buying WWE wasn't much of a reach. Wrestling is, after all, a big scale theater production... but this was not true.

The Lego Vacuum

*Adds to wishlist*

April 1, 2018

Canned Sparkling Milk

Equally as disgusting as it is foolish. Nobody wants this.

Burger King Chocolate Whopper

the NEW chocolate Whopper. coming soon to your local Burger King. maybe.

March 30, 2018

Tommy Wiseau's The Room, The Musical - By Lin-Manuel Miranda

This is all VERY premature, we’ll try it out of town in San Francisco.

April 1, 2018

Cyclops Skull Discovery

What you see before you is a skull of a cyclops—the large central hole is the lone eye socket. Happy #AprilFoolsDay! The myth of the 1-eyed giant Cyclops may have been fueled by discoveries of fossils of ancient elephants, with the central nasal cavity mistaken for an eye socket.

April 1, 2018

Netflix Acquires Seth Rogen


April 1, 2018

Sad, but true - this was, indeed, an April Fool's Day joke. Netflix has not "acquired" Seth Rogen, at least not in the way they claimed.

Rogen does, however, have a comedy special coming out this week!

T-Mobile's Smart Shoe Phone

Interp-Brit, BritBox

This one has to be my favourite. We spoke about the new British streaming service, BritBox, here before. Their April Fool's joke is hilarious!

Their "new plugin" will change the dialogue and accents of the content you watch to an American one. The outrage!

The Halal Guys White Sauce Toothpaste

Check out the all new White Sauce Toothpaste from The Halal Guys! Our world famous white sauce combined with secret cavity fighting, teeth-whitening agents. Who said toothpaste can’t taste good?

April 1, 2018

I have no words. Enough said.

Some people also tried to pull a fast one you announcing Disneyland Toronto - but I have already written about why this should happen, so I'm not even going to include that nonsense. Instead, read what I wrote about why Toronto should get a Disney theme park.

These are just a small handful of the April Fool's Day jokes I caught over the long weekend. I'm sure I missed some good ones.

On the flipside, here are just a few headlines (and links) to some news stories that people thought were a joke - but they are actually REAL stories. Go figure.

A man was stabbed during a pub crawl, returned back to the bar for another beer - with a knife in his back.

An 11-foot Aligator bathes in family's pool.

Anti-Trump artist sets up unauthorized performance art piece inside Trump hotel room - complete with McDonald's garbage and releasing live rats.

Middle Aged Men in Lycra - The Movie... No, I'm serious. This one is a real story.

Happy April, Montreal!

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