Here Are All The Restaurants Participating In Montreal's "Asian Night Market" Food Festival

About a month ago, I wrote a post announcing the arrival of the second-ever Montreal Asian Food Night Market which will be taking place soon in the Old Port. 

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Hosted by FoodFest MTL the <<Marché de Nuit Asiatique>> will be bigger and better than ever this year!

Their very first run was last year at Village Au Pieds Du Courant, and although it went very well, it even went a little TOO well. The turnout was higher than expected, as a result, line-ups were long and it quickly became overcrowded. 

I guess that's a "good" problem to have when organizing a festival. However, organizers have doubled-up on their resources this year and promise more restaurants, larger spaces, shorter lines, and special "fast-passes" for less waiting.

Via nightmarketmtl

With over 60 participating restaurants in an even bigger venue in the Old Port, this street food festival sounds like it's going to be a memorable one that's not to miss! 

We spoke with the organizers of the festival and they let us in on some insider info about the key restaurants that will be participating in this massive Asian food extravaganza. Here they are:

  •  Kalibi BBQ
  • Ninja Sushipayathai
  • Pamika Brasserie Thai
  • Sumi Dojo
  • Pho MC
  • Tran Cantine
  • East
  • Siam
  • Imadake
  • Ichigo Ichie
  • Kokoro Sushi et Tapas
  • Ganadara
  • Cusine De Manille
  • Tran Cantine
  • Imperial Dim Sum
  • Ca Lem
  • Le Majesthe
  • Sugar Marmelade
  • Zoe Dessert Et The
  • Panda Hot Pot
  • QingHua Dumplings
  • Chicha Donburi
  • Chatime
  • Kin Khao 25
  • Nouilles de Riz Orientales (Yun Shang)
  • Wuhan Style
  • Yoko Gateau Au Fromage Inc.
  • soleil de saigon
  • cuisine bangkok
  • Kinton Ramen
  • Captain's boil
  • Kanda Oriental fusion

As you can see you will be able to get your hands on everything from ramen, pho, dumpling, bubble tea, Japanese cheesecake, and much more!

Don't forget to mark your calendars!

What: Asian Night "street food" Market 
Quai De L'Horloge // Old Port
August 17th - 19th
Admission is FREE!

Check out the Facebook event page HERE!

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