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Here Are All The Restaurants Participating In Montreal's First-Ever "Cocktail Fest" This Summer

A classy drinking event.
Here Are All The Restaurants Participating In Montreal's First-Ever "Cocktail Fest" This Summer

The wonderful and delightful cocktail. It's a drink that's made with alcohol but that doesn't taste like alcohol. It tastes like juice. They are the perfect recipe for a night out. Yes, they can be a bit disastrous if you don't pace yourself, but what fun is that?

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If you're a fan of craft cocktails and everything mixology then you will want to attend this awesome festival happening in downtown Montreal this summer.

Montreal Cocktail Fest is being thrown for the first time ever, and it looks like it will be legendary.

First off, it's being held at a beautiful historical venue in the Old Port of Montreal called the Theatre St-James. There you will have access to some amazing hand-made drinks for over 20 of Montreal's premier bars. 

Each Montreal bar will be serving two original creations for the participants of the event to sample and savor. To name just a few of the bars and restaurants that are participating:

  • Santos
  • Le Royal
  • Alfies
  • Mayfair
  • Kampai Garden
  • Les Enfants Terribles
  • Knox Taverne
  • Le Bird Bar
  • Bord’Elle
  • Bar Le Jockey
  • Bootlegger
  •  Soubois
  • And more TBA

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And because drinking and eating go hand-in-hand there will be food stations brought to you by some awesome Montreal restos including, tacos from Tacos Victor and bites from Les Enfants Terribles.

There will also be non-alcoholic cocktails for those who choose not to drink, so there is really something for everyone. 

The base ticket including 20 "cocktail coupons" which can be exchanged for food or drink is only $25 for one ticket, and you can pay more to receive more cocktail coupons. 

Via cocktailfest

Everything you need to know about the event:

Where: Theatre St-James // 265 St Jacques St // Old Port
When: Sunday, July 8th 
Price: Base entry ticket $25

For more information about the event and to buy tickets check out their Facebook page HERE and official site HERE

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