30 Essential Things You Must Do In Montreal If You're Coming For A Day, Weekend, Or Week

The guide you need in your life for this city.
30 Essential Things You Must Do In Montreal If You're Coming For A Day, Weekend, Or Week

There sure are SO many things to do in Montreal and one day just doesn't seem to be enough. So, if you happen to be one of those lucky people that get to spend a FULL weekend in Montreal then here should be your game plan. This list will supply you with the full "Montreal" experience that you will never forget.

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The list below composes of  different things you can do whether you are here for a day, weekend, or full week! Of course these are only suggestions and you can mix and match what you want to do on a particular day, but trust me... If you follow these suggestions you will have an INSANE time in Montreal!


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Things To Do For A Day Trip In Montreal This Summer:



1.Enjoy Brunch At Arthurs Nosh Bar

via @girlworldmtl

4621 Rue Notre-Dame O

This super cool restaurant has a modern ambience and amazing food. They are most famous for their latkes that are totally LIT. When you want a simple but delicious lowkey morning then this is the place for you!



2. Enjoy A Spa Day At Bota Bota

via @bikinivillage

Price: $45

Entrée McGill Coin De la Commune et McGill, Promenade du Vieux-Port

Ah yes, the perfect way to relax with your BFF if you happen to only have 24 hours in Montreal is by treating yourselves to a spa day. Personally, I recommend Bota Bota since it is only $45 before 11 am and after 6pm for their water circuit. Not only do you relax, but you also get to see Montreal from a whole other angle with the stunning views you receive on the boat's deck and in the main pool that looks over the whole city!



3. Enjoy A Night Out At Bar Darling

via @sheryalisha

Bar Darling isn't just a typical bar, it's also a cafe! So, if you only have 24 hours in Montreal check it out for either coffee or drinks.You can now have Tequila at 1PM to start off your day and coffee at Midnight to keep you up for a LIT AF night ahead at this amazing bar. So, forget about those average places that just serve dinner and then transform into a bar and check out Bar Darling where you can enjoy all of life's wonder... Coffee and Alcohol. This Plateau cafe-bar is officially changing the game in Montreal!



1.Enjoy Brunch At Foiegwa

via @kurt_jawinski

3001 Rue Notre-Dame O

Located right near Atwater market, this amazing little diner is A1! The atmosphere is hip and their chicken and waffles are TO DIE FOR! This French styled spot is definitely something you need to cross off your bucket list!



2. Enjoy A Fresh Lunch From Atwater Market

via @sh_805

Atwater Market is an absolute must visit location in Montreal especially if you only have 24 hours! You will be surprised on just how much time you can spend at Atwater Market, especially in the nice weather of spring! It is literally my happy place and the variety of restaurants always serve fresh food. Plus, you can just walk around all day and enjoy a nice stoll along the Lachine Canal or buy plants (cacti YAS)!


3. Enjoy Dinner At LOV

via @t_eats_plants

464 McGill St

LOV is a great location for a hip celebration, whether it be a birthday or anniversary! If you happen to be one of those vegan couples visiting Montreal, then this restaurant is great on a casual day! They are an organic restaurant that places an emphasis on locally grown, wholesome ingredients, plus delicious vegan dishes like poutine and brunch!




1.Enjoy A Hike Up Mount-Royal

via @__wanderlustful

If you are more on the active side, why not gather some of your friends that came on a roadtrip to Montreal with you for an early morning hike to watch the sunrise! Not only will you stay fit, but you will also have a gorgeous view of the city and I suggest brining a picnic for a nice brunch!


2. Enjoy Delicious Ice Cream From La Diperie

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68 Ave des Pins E

Since you are probably full from your morning hike/picnic, why not quench your sweet tooth with some delicious ice cream from La Diperie! They are probably the most famous ice cream shop in all of Montreal, so a visit to the city wouldn't be complete without it.



3. Enjoy Painting At Le Ceramic Cafe

via @stephfernandess

4338 St Denis, Montréal, QC H2J 2K8

If you want to spend your one day in Montreal relaxing but you don't always have money to go to a spa, then head down to the Ceramic Cafe! You can enjoy a lovely painting experience with some coffee on a nice raining spring day. It's literally open until midnight!




1.Enjoy Visiting The Botanical Gardens

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From 9-5pm every day of the week you can check out Montreal's superb botanical gardens! It includes 75 hectares of facilities and greenhouses and plenty of exotic plant life to make you feel like you are in a whole new world. It is absolutely stunning and the park area makes for a great little picnic area!


2. Enjoy Lunch From Ma Poule Mouillee

via @mtlcook

969 Rachel St E

Because what's a trip to Montreal without having a fabulous poutine? Ma Poule Mouillee offers heavenly poutines than will make your heart melt. I mean let's be real, fries, gravy, and cheese make a perfect mix.



3. Enjoy A Night Out At Apartment 200

via @apt200mtl

3643 St-Laurent Apt.200

Let's be honest... Who doesn't want to be seen at Apt. 200! Not only can you just throw on some Nikes, but you can also play pool and hit the dance floor. It's the happy medium between a bar and club that EVERYONE is Montreal wants to go to!


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Things To Do For A Weekend Trip In Montreal This Summer:



1. Enjoy Brunch At Beauty’s Luncheonette

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93 Avenue du Mont-Royal O

This is the lowkey brunch spot for you if you love that classic Montreal breakfast dish that you wake up craving on a Friday morning. They have had over 50 years of practice so you can expect a master classic brunch dish when coming here! You can get your bagel game on and enjoy a cool winter morning.


2. Enjoy Jean Talon Market

via @michelfleurs

Take advantage of the stunning weather we are having this week by checking out Jean Talon Market! You can buy some fresh food, gorgeous flowers, or just just and enjoy the Montreal vibes.



3. Enjoy Delicious Ice Cream From Ca Lem

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6926 Sherbrooke St W

Ca Lem features the most tasty soft servers with spectacular flavors like coconut ash and pumpkin spice! I mean they even have black ice cream... You can't get much more insane than that. This is a bucket list MUST!


4. Enjoy Walk Through Old Montreal

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Montreal is a very romantic setting that is itself priceless. Your date has probably never been to Old Montreal, so why not explore the city in a different way. I suggest taking your date to Old Montreal and showing them all the great architecture! They will truly be amazing by the beauty behind the city.


5. Jatoba

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1184 Place Phillips

For some delicious white wine and some fabulous food as you eat under the lights and in a garden, I recommend looking into Jatoba. Jatoba is a gorgeous garden terrasse where you can enjoy inspired classic Japanese and Chinese dishes made by their chef, Olivier Vigneault. It's more on the pricey side so make it worth your while!


6. Enjoy Clubbing At Kampai

via @kampaigarden

1616 Rue Sainte-Catherine O

For a great birthday bash dinner and a lowkey time, I suggest checking out Kampai! Their Japanese garden beer paired with their superb dishes will blow you mind! It's a great place for a lovely dinner and also a night out with drinks since it turns into a hip bar/club after dinner service!



1.Enjoy Going To The Botanical Gardens

via @renny7

From 9-5pm every day of the week you can check out Montreal's superb botanical gardens! It includes 75 hectares of facilities and greenhouses and plenty of exotic plant life to make you feel like you are in a whole new world. It is absolutely stunning and the park area makes for a great little picnic on your trip to Montreal!

2. Toi Moi & Café

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244 Avenue Laurier O

This adorable cafe has an even more fabulous outdoor terrasse in the summer time! You can sit back, relax, enjoy a coffee, and have a fabulous brunch right in the heart of the Mile End.



3. Check Out Les Aires Libres

via @montreall

Gay Village

It's absolutely the perfect week to take a walk down Sainte Catherine Street East in the Gay Village to see the 180,000 balls of 18 different colors hanging in the bright blue sky today! You can shop, check out a bar, or just enjoy the gorgeous weather.

4. Go Parachuting

via @mariiamomri

Well, for those who love thrills, why not have the ultimate adrenaline rush by going skydiving! Parachute Montreal is very safe and a perfect place for the ultimate way to kick off spring and discovery your adventurous side.



5. Enjoy A Dinner At L'Gros Luxe

via @lgrosluxe


L’Gros Luxe never disappoints! Not only can you order several dishes and expect nothing less than heaven on a plate, but you won't break the bank! Their menu is fairly cheap so you will 514% be impressed with the dishes they serve. Plus, you can definitely expect the bill to be under $50. I recommend their delicious mac and cheese and their tater-tot poutine!


6. Go Clubbing At Fitzroy

via @fitzroymtl

551 Mont-Royal E

For a nice casual night out with all of your gang and no reservations, I suggest heading to Fitzroy! They have a huge space that boasts plenty of pool tables, couches, video games, plants, and two bars. It's so fun and casual that heels are not required. Plus, everyone wants to be seen in a picture on their palm leaf wall!




Grab Brunch At Fabergé

via @teohyiyang

25 Avenue Fairmount O

This amazing little breakfast place located in the Mile End is the number one cure for anyone lacking a good start to any day. Not only is their food delicious, but it's refreshing and perfect to get rid of any negativity. Trust me, this is the place you want to go when you have a crazy day ahead!


2.Enjoy Visiting The Montreal Museum Of Fine Arts

via @thejohnrothman

Price: $15

Why not check out the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts to see their spectacular summer exhibits, FOR FREE! This is a win-win situation, you don't have to spend any money and you get to walk around and view beautiful pieces of art from a different city.



3. Enjoy Going Rock Climbing

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1555 Rue St-Patrick

Head on down to Allez up for a rock climbing adventure this summer! This is a perfect activity for those athletic tourists since Allez Up has have walk-ins every Sunday from 1-5PM!


4 . Enjoy A Coffee At Santropol

via @jlaird106

3990 Rue Saint-Urbain

Have a "garden breakfast" from 8am-11pm at Cafe Santropol! You can enjoy a light breakfast with a coffee in their backyard garden that will absolutely blow your mind away!



5. Enjoy A Night Out At Piknic Electronik

via @tiga

Piknic Électronik is a weekly electronic music festival which takes place every Sunday starting mid May! It takes place at Parc Jean-Drapeau and features local and international DJ's. It is 514% the perfect place to truly meet the people of Montreal and get a taste of how we party. There are drinks and plenty of places to city and enjoy the ambiance.

6. Take A Cooking Class At Atelier & Saveurs

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444 Saint-Francois-Xavier

Have fun and enjoy a French inspired meal that will assure you a fun laid back time. Prices vary depending on the courses you choose to cook at Atelier & Saveurs, but trust me it is honestly a blast!


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Things To Do For A Full Week Trip In Montreal This Summer:

1. Go To Au Sommet Place Ville Marie

via @heynadine

3 Place Ville Marie

See all of Montreal with your best bae for cheap! The Montreal Observatory is absolutely stunning and very romantic especially if you go at night under the stars.


2. Spa Day At Bota Bota

via @gerger17


Ah yes, the perfect way to relax as a broke babe is by treating yourselves to a spa day. Personally, I recommend Bota Bota since it is only $45 before 11 am and after 6pm for their water circuit. Not only do you relax, but you also get to see Montreal from a whole other angle with the stunning views from their outdoor section!


3. Le Ceramic Café

via @ceramiccafemtl


4338 St-Denis, Montréal, QC H2J 2K8

One of my personal favorite places is Le Céramic Café. A great place where you and your broke BFFs can create art, relax, enjoy food, and overall have fun together! You can choose whichever mold you like and the fun takes off from there!


4. Have Sangria At The Floating Boat Cafe

via @mccannclaudine

PRICE: $22 A Bottle

Atwater Market

Ok, you ABSOLUTELY MUST check out Canal Lounge Cafe Flottant! For only $22 you and you bae can have a FULL bottle of sangria as you sit on the terrasse located on top of the boat. It is absolutely stunning and my new favorite place!


5. Venice MTL

via @venicemtl

40 St Francois Xavier St

Feel like you stepped right off the metro and into Venice beach with your date when you enter Venice MTL! Their food is fresh and delicious for a crazy affordable anniversary that you and your special someone won't forget this summer.


6. Go To Rooftop Terrasse For Sangria

via @selgugliotti

106 Rue Saint Paul O

My personal favorite terrasse happens to be Terrasse Nelligan located in the heart of Old Montreal. It is absolutely stunning! The views are amazing considering that the Basilica is your view from one side and the water front is your view from the other side. They have amazing fish tacos and even more spectacular sangria pitchers that you and your BFF will obsess over! But here are some more terrasse.


7. Go To Kem CoBa

via @mtllovin

60 Avenue Fairmount O

Kem CoBa is literally one of my most favorite places in Montreal! They feature soft-serve ice cream with flavors that change daily! The atmosphere is so bubbly and happy that regardless of you mood you automatically feel better after getting ice cream from here.


8. Check Out Grinder

via @grindermtl

1708 Rue Notre-Dame O

Everyone knows Grinder is THE spot for anniversary dates. Grinder has got a great mood any and every night of the week. The food is superb and you will fall more in love with your special someone.


9. Check Out The Firework Festivalvia @bergthorajons

Fireworks are a great way to celebrate any type of occasion with your girlfriend especially after a night out in old Montreal! You can go to dinner and then watch the sky fill with diamonds on a special day in July.

10. Go Biking Along The Lachine Canal

via @chirocare_yyc

I honestly love biking with my just about anyone and honestly I think it's a great treat where you don't have to spend any money. For those who love to bike, I suggest biking down the Lachine Canal towards Atwater Market for a fun Montreal sumer day.

11. Check Out Village Au Pied-Du-Courant

via @sarboul

19 Prince Arthur O

Au Pied-du-Courant is a Montreal boardwalk village where you can chill out in the sand and enjoy the sun starting June 2nd! Each day features a special theme in 2017, so be sure to check some of them out especially with your friends.

12. Go To Tommy Cafe

via @notfiltered

200 Rue Notre-Dame O

Located in Old Montreal, Tommy Café is a cozy place to go to for a little Sunday date! You can enjoy a delicious latte and some great biscuits! So, bring your charming personality and that special someone for a lovely time. They are most known for their superb leaf fan!


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