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Here Are The 31 Foods You Need To Eat In Montreal Before You Die

So good they might ruin any other city for you.

I honestly don't even know where to begin... I guess I'll start by saying that Montreal sure knows what it's doing when it comes to food! Montreal offers crazy, gourmet, unusual, delicious, and darn right amazing food! You can go from waking up to a rainbow bagel to ending the night with salmon tartare.

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Montreal has such a great diversity of food that it's hard to choose what to eat all the time! But, I must say this, there are 31 foods in Montreal that you MUST try before you die because they are that damn good! You might die while eating it because of how delightful it tastes but at least you'll die happy.

Get The Chocolate Bomb From C'choColat

A video posted by s_fazliza (@s_fazliza) on

1255 Rue Bishop


Get The Pastry Cone From La Diperie

Get The Nutella Beaver Tail From Beaver Tails

A photo posted by Marylou Papillon (@loulounollipap) on


Get The $2 Noodles From Chow Mein

A photo posted by VisitMTL (@visit_mtl) on

3754 Boul St-Laurent


Get The Portuguese Roast Chicken From Romados

A photo posted by Julia Ritz Toffoli (@juliaritztoffoli) on

115 Rue Rachel E


Get The Fried Dough Balls From Mr. Puffs

A photo posted by Jason AKA Dim Sum Papi (@shutupandeatmtl) on

4879, Boul. Notre-Dame, Laval


Get The Marshmallow And Nutella Pizza From Cacao 70

A photo posted by Katie Cung (@katiecung) on

2087 Rue Sainte-Catherine


Get The Eggs Benedict From L’Avenue

A photo posted by @dandi708 on

922 Avenue de Mont-Royal Est

Facebook Page

Get The Poutine Grilled Cheese From L’Gros Luxe

A photo posted by @lia_foodworld on

Plateau | Mile End | Sud-Ouest


Get The Tartare From Marché 27

best tartare place in montreal ?? #wineanddine #marche27 @marieevegodin

A photo posted by мαяιє ℓ (@notyourbabbe) on

27 Rue Prince Arthur O


Get The Apple Crumble Cheesecake From Rockaberry

A photo posted by Brenda Raftlova (@candied_chocolate) on

Multiple Locations


Get Bibimbap From Ganadara

A photo posted by Brendy Kong (@brendouilleee) on

1862 Boul. de Maisonneuve


Get The Raspberry Croissants From La Grange Du Boulanger

A photo posted by Christophe (@chrismaire) on

3227 Rue Ontario E


Get The Lobster Rolls From Lucille’s Oyster Dive

A photo posted by The Chew Review (@thechewreview) on

5626 Monkland


Get The Mac And Cheese From Macbar Et Fromage

A photo posted by ange? (@angeliep) on

1345 Rue Ontario Est


Get The Burgers From Dic Ann's

A photo posted by lucdufresne (@lucdufresne) on

Multiple Locations


Get The Mac And Cheese Poutine From Dirty Dogs

@khayat.a Loaded Fries cause it's Monday #feedyoursoull

A photo posted by #feedyoursoull (@feedyoursoull) on

25 Avenue du Mont-Royal E


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