Poutine + Hot Dog = The Poutine Hot Dog

Two drunk foods collide.

Two things often paired for drunchies (especially in Montreal) are steamies/hot dogs and some good ol' poutine. Both are incredible separate, paired beside each other, but what about combined?

Wonder no longer, because the Hot Dog Poutine is here.

One part poutine, one part hot dog, all parts artery clogging deliciousness. made this munch--out creation all fancy-like. Check the step by step below.

Roast some French-fry sized potato slices, or fry 'em like a boss


Stew up some sweet sweet gravy


Pan-fry some bratwurst and/or just steam a dog


Throw it all together and BAM! You got yourself a Poutine-dog


For those of you who like it a 'lil more cheap and greasy, here are some visual alternatives


Will you be eating the Poutine-Dog this weekend?

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Michael D'Alimonte


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