Here Is What Montreal's Newly Revamped Saint-Catherine Street Will Look Like

Photos of the project have been released.
Here Is What Montreal's Newly Revamped Saint-Catherine Street Will Look Like

Yesterday, the official go-ahead for Projet Montreal's revamp of Saint-Catherine street was announced, and they gave us much more information at a press conference yesterday evening. 

The renovations will see Montreal's  Saint-Catherine Street West get a total face-lift and become much more friendly to pedestrian and foot traffic throughout our shopping and city center. 

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Valerie Plante shared her "vision" of the area, which involves major upgrades and to Saint-Catherine West, a public square on McGill College street.

Other innovative features for drivers will also be implemented - as the parking on the street will be removed and the through-traffic will be reduced to only one lane, removing parking. 

Via ProjetMontreal

Plante has opted for a "more coherent, more contemporary" feel for the project. She would like to see downtown Montreal transformed into a friendly, inviting and festive area. 

Valerie Plante also noted that Montreal's downtown is seeing a "real renaissance and attracting major investments." Projet Montreal wants to seize the moment and make it a "destination."

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The project will include more than just a revamp of Saint-Catherine Street West.

A large public square on McGill College Street will also be developed and likened to Montreal's Old Port and Mount Royal as a "must see" for tourists in Montreal. 

Projet Montreal is claiming that it will be "one of the largest public squares in North America."

Via ProjetMontreal

McGill College Street isn't the only place a new public square will pop-up, either.

Phillips Square, St. James Square and Dorchester Square have all been marked to be revitalized as well!

Via ProjetMontreal

Via ProjetMontreal

Looks pretty fancy, right? 

The new public areas will feature street furniture, additional greenery, new LED lighting and FREE WiFi!

Projet Montreal also notes that unique innovations in mobility must be made, and thus they are planning to add a mobile application to facilitate off-street parking. 

The first phase of this project is expected to be complete by December 2021.

If these photos were not enough to get you excited, here is a little video from Projet Montreal. 

You can see Projet Montreal's full statement right here.

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