Here's All The New Rules & Changes Being Implemented At Osheaga This Year

Even the most seasoned veteran doesn't want to get caught off guard.
Here's All The New Rules & Changes Being Implemented At Osheaga This Year

Whether its your first time or your twelfth time visiting one of the biggest indie music festivals in Canada, there are always new rules and regulations  as well as some new information that you need to know.

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So make sure that your entire day (or weekend) doesn't get ruined because you got something confiscated and read all the new changes carefully.

Parc Jean-Drapeau got a MASSIVE remodeling job

The renovations started a couple months back so they could be finished in time for the start of the festival and the park looks better than ever. You can see more of the layout here.

The Osheaga Special Edition STM Pass

For 17$ you can now travel freely on the STM any time between Monday at 10:00am and Monday at 5:00am

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New safety measures

There are going to be even more designated safe zones installed in the park for anyone in need of assistance along with medical professionals spread throughout the festival.

There are also going to be an increased crackdown on drugs since it's been historically very easy to smuggle them in and very little has been done to curb use.

To know everything that is banned from the festival and could get confiscated, take a look at our complete list