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Here's Everything We Know About The New Sony PlayStation 5

The PS5 will represent a "new generation."
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Here's Everything We Know About The New Sony PlayStation 5

A new Sony PlayStation is on the way! Details are slowly coming out about the still nameless game console, dubbed the "PS5" by eager fans, but here's what we know so far, according to Ladbible.

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It will represent a "new generation" of Sony consoles

That's according to Wired. The "PS5" will not simply be a cleverly marketed PS4 2.0.

Compatibility with PS4 games

The console will be able to host older games.

Compatibility with Virtual Reality

The "PS5" will be compatible with VR, though Mark Cerny, Sony designer, was notably evasive when it came to details in an interview with Wired.

Improved Hard Drive

Loading speeds will multiply, according to Ladbibleand Engadget.

"Ray-Tracing Graphics"

This is an advanced method of rendering images, according to The Verge. TechRadar says that ray-tracing will allow games to better imitate light and shadow.

Audio will be greatly improved

Ladbible reports that the new console will feature "3D audio" with a "new AMD CPU." This will reportedly allow for a more immersive gaming experience.

It will not be available this year

It will likely hit the market next year.

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