The Ariana Grande "Cloud Macchiato" Starbucks Drink Is Here

Thank god for leaks, amirite?
The Ariana Grande "Cloud Macchiato" Starbucks Drink Is Here

So a couple of days ago, Ariana Grande started tweeting little hints about some kind of collaboration with Starbucks. In the videos below you can see she has countdowns to the date March 5th.

Well, as we can always count on the Internet for, there was a leak! Scroll down below to see everything we know about the Ariana Grande Starbucks drink available tomorrow!

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TL;DR Ariana Grande and Starbucks have been hinting at a coffee collaboration all day, and finally, photos of the secret drink have leaked! Pictures below!

UPDATE: It's here!!! The Starbucks Instagram caption reads:
Introducing new Iced Cloud Macchiatos in Caramel and Cinnamon. So light and fluffy they’re basically a cloud in a cup. 🌬☁️#CloudMacchiato
*Cloud foam contains egg whites

The Instagram story below was posted Friday, March 4th at 12:30 in the afternoon, hinting at a collaboration with Starbucks.

Via @arianagrande

It's no secret the pop star loves Starbucks, she's very often seen toting around an iced coffee. Not to mention the shared name that will forever bind the cafe and the chanteuse.

But Starbucks officially made the love affair mutual when they posted a countdown to their Instagram story around noon today, as well as tweeting the following:

☁️☕️☁️... 💚

March 4, 2019

Then, as Ariana Grande fans often do, the hunting began for the real tea about this mysterious coffee collab.

However, someone has officially leaked a photo of the "Cloud Macchiato," This is clearly the Ariana Grande inspired, cloud aesthetic coffee drink the coffee house and singer have been hinting at all day.

@freshdailymemeembedded via  

Of course, because this drink is still only being hinted at by both parties, there's no certainty that all locations are going to be rolling out with this drink tomorrow.

You have been warned!

But as it looks like there aren't any special or new ingredients (this is clearly just a glorified iced caramel macchiato) I'm sure that most Starbucks are likely going to be prepared to go ahead and serve this up if ordered tomorrow. Let us know how it is!

Or, just show this photo to your local barista. They'll likely have no trouble whipping this up for you, either.

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