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Here's Everything You Didn't Know About 4/20 In Canada

Will things change after legalization?
Here's Everything You Didn't Know About 4/20 In Canada

Happy 4/20! Today is the unofficial holiday for marijuana, and it's a lot of people's favorite holiday, and for good reason. At exactly 4:20 PM, you can expect to see a lot of high really around the country, celebrating cannabis culture in all its glory.

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Everyone loves to participate in this day of weed, but most of us don't actually know what this day is about, what it's for. It's actually not just about smoking a lot of weed. There is an actual purpose. 

Also, with the upcoming legalization of pot, a lot of things are going to be different. This may just be the last 4/20 on which marijuana is not yet legal. Think about that! This is a year to remember.

4/20 is actually a protest to demand the legalization of cannabis. Legalization has been an issue for a while now, and the only reason that the cannabis act is going through is because people have fought for it.

But with the upcoming legalization, activists say that the protest still isn't over. While they are very happy about the cannabis act, they definitely don't think that everything is now perfect. 

The laws will still be quite restrictive. The use of weed, even legally, isn't as free as we'd like to think it is. That's why even in the years to come, 4/20 will continue to be an event of protest.

Most people are saying that yes, the meaning of 4/20 is going to change. They still plan to celebrate on April 20th as a form of a victory party. So, don't worry. The event will not die out.

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Now that we've talked about the current issues of 4/20, let's take a look at the past. Do you know anything about the history of this awesome event? Its roots can actually be traced back to a group of kids living in California called "The Waldos".

One day after school, they decided to meet at 4:20 and go looking for a marijuana patch. They'd heard about it and learned that it wasn't too far from the school, so they figured they'd try and find it.

They met by their school's statue of Louis Pasteur and started to look. Now they definitely didn't find it on the first try. But every time they'd decide to go searching, they'd whisper "420 Louis" to each other to make the plan. Actually, they never really found it, but the number 420 stuck within cannabis culture.

When it comes to Canada, pot Queen and King, Marc and Jodie Emery credit themselves as having made 420 into a full-day event. In 1995, Marc and a crew of activists decided to turn the day into a protest for prohibition and it soon became a huge rally.

4/20 is both a protest and a celebration. It's for like-minded people to come together and enjoy marijuana and share their interest. Though Vancouver still holds the largest rally in the country, Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa also have huge celebrations.


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