Here's Exactly What Canadians Should Expect When Hurricane Michael Hits

Officials are monitoring the situation.
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Here's Exactly What Canadians Should Expect When Hurricane Michael Hits

Hurricane Michael continues to ravage the Gulf Coast of the United States.

Already, it it one of the most powerful storms to ever hit the country.

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TL;DR Hurricane Michael has prompted Environment Canada to issue rainfall warnings for the Maritime provinces. Another storm will extend the hurricane's reach and multiply its intensity. Unless it deviates, the storm will remain off the Atlantic coast.

But as American citizens and officials deal with the resulting devastation, Canadian agencies, too, are monitoring the storm's progress.

Environment Canada has already issued special weather statements for the whole of Nova Scotia and warns that other Atlantic provinces may be affected as well.

As Michael moves northward, officials are able to better predict just what its impact on Canada will be.

This is the information we can gather so far, according to The Weather Network:

Michael's impact will be intensified as it comes into contact with another storm

A pocket of low pressure over eastern Canada will extend Michael's reach. That storm will multiply the hurricane's intensity and lead to heavy rainfall.

The hurricane will remain off the coast

Luckily, Canadians will be spared the most severe zones of the storm, which tend to be immediately adjacent to its eye.

However, the sea will continue to sustain Michael's strength. The hurricane will become a tropical storm by the time it hits Canada, but with the ocean as its supply, Michael will dump water across the Atlantic coast.

The Maritimes will experience potentially dangerous rainfall

The Maritime provinces will consequently experience potentially dangerous quantities of rain. Since yesterday, Environment Canada has extended its warnings and alerts from Nova Scotia through New Brunswick and Newfoundland.

Via Environment Canada

The meteorological agency has yet to issue flash flood warnings, but keep a close eye on its alerts page.

Quebec will also be affected

At the periphery of the storm, Quebec will also potentially experience significant rainfall. But as of right now, experts predict that that rainfall will not nearly match the intensity of the Nova Scotia storms.

However, if Michael deviates slightly west from its most likely course, Quebec, too, could be the subject of some Environment Canada alerts.

Stay tuned.

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