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Here's For Anyone Interested In Canada's 2017 Federal Budget, But Doesn't Know Anything About It

Everywhere you look this morning you see the same headline: "Something something, federal budget. Something something, complete."

So what hell is it?

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Basically it's a document that lists out what the government spent money on last year and what they plan on spending money on next year. 

Here are the highlights you might actually care about. 

Public Transportation

Up until now, there was a 15% public transit tax credit. But it has now been eliminated, since it was deemed to be inefficient.

Booze Prices

Sadly, the price of booze will be going up. But luckily not by too much, just 1 cent for a bottle of wine, and an extra 5 cents for a case of 24 beers


Apparently it's not just alcohol prices going up, there will also be an tax increase for tobacco products, as well as marijuana once it becomes legal.

Artificial Intelligence 

$125 million has been set aside for a "pan-Canadian Artificial Intelligence Strategy", which basically means the Terminator apocalypse will begin in Canada.


Uber will also cost you more money because the government will now be imposing taxes on all ride-sharing services.

Saving Bonds

Saving Bonds will be eliminated because it's not the 1940's anymore. Also you can get more interest with a standard savings account.


50 Million will be spent over the next two years to teach kids how to code from a younger age. Meanwhile, the only computer skill I learned in school was how to make PowerPoint presentations.

Parental Leave

The government wants to offer an option to extend parental leave up to 18 months.


20 billion dollars has been set aside for infrastructure and public transportation

More Money

There will also be money set aside for childcare (7 Billion), defense (8.4 Billion), innovation and startups (1.3 Billion), and public housing (11 Billion).

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