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Here's How Jagmeet Singh Is Already Taking Over Canada

Canadian Prime Minister hopeful Jagmeet Singh is going to take over Canada… with charm, of course. 

On Sunday, the NDP launched their recently-elected leader’s “introductory tour,” a voyage across the nation where Singh will make his presence known to Canadian voters. 

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Each and every province and territory are on the tour’s hit-list, as Singh aims to win favour in smaller suburban ridings, especially around Toronto and Vancouver, reports Global News

Also of importance is Quebec. 

A strategist on Singh’s campaign noted that, while Singh is touring Canada, the NDP needs to maintain support in Quebec.

Singh already made a splash in Quebec when he visited Lac-Saint-Jean, a PR success for the political leader. But Quebecers won’t be won over with one visit. 

To ensure he stays in the hearts and minds of Quebecers, Singh will visit Quebec “early and often” throughout his introductory tour. So expect to see a lot more Singh in the coming months and years. 

In what ways Singh’s introductory (read: publicity) tour will manifest remains to be seen. Canada is far from homogenous, as provinces (and areas within provinces) are incredibly diverse in terms of populations and political views. 

Still, if anyone has widespread appeal to Canadians, it’s Singh. And you can’t call the NDP anything other than charismatic, so it’s more likely than not that Canadians will grow to like Singh once they get to meet him. 

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