Here's How To Get A $50 Voucher At Costco Canada This Month

Give a little and get a little in return!
Here's How To Get A $50 Voucher At Costco Canada This Month

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are still weeks away, but already major retailers are teasing some pretty spectacular deals.

You may have noticed that in urban centres stores have brought out their holiday decorations and signs promising seasonal sales.

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TL;DR Costco members who purchase a gift of an Executive Membership by December 23rd will receive a $50 online voucher. Scroll to the very bottom for more information.

Just last week Starbucks, the unofficial harbinger of the holiday season, unveiled its new line of holiday cups. The famous coffee chain also offered a promotion on a new, resusable version of its popular red cups.

But once wholesalers begin announcing promotions, you know that peak consumer season is quickly approaching.

Today, Costco offered the first glimpse of things to come.

The popular wholesale club has announced a promotion whereby members who purchase a "gift of membership" can get a free $50 gift certificate!

The recipient of the gift membership must be a new member.

Members who gift a Gold Star Membership will receive a $25 online voucher. Those who gift an Executive Membership will receive an online voucher worth $50. 

This offer is available through December 23rd. Vouchers expire on January 31st.

Who doesn't like to give practical gifts, especially when you get a little something in return, as well?

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$25 dollars goes a long way at Costco. $50 is basically a jackpot. With that money you could purchase all sorts of other practical gifts for holidays. Despite media portrayals, things like socks, blenders, microwaves, and stationary actually make the very best gifts.

Review this link for information on how to purchase a gift of membership.