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Here's The Real Story Behind The BIXI Bike Found In Morocco

How did it end up all the way there?
Here's The Real Story Behind The BIXI Bike Found In Morocco

Yesterday there was a photo making the rounds on Facebook showing a BIXI bike that somehow ended up in all the way in Morocco.

Of course everyone who saw it had a lot of questions, mainly: 

How the hell did a BIXI bike end up in Morocco?

So here's the real story. 

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According to BIXI's director of marketing, they have no freakin' idea, which just makes this whole situation that much funnier. 

How often does this happen? 

About 0,1% of BIXI bikes end up disappearing, but this is the first time in 10 years that one of them turns up for sale online. 

How did the Moroccan man even get the bike? 

The man who posted the picture says he bought the bike in a flea market thinking it was from Europe. Although so far, no one knows how it ended up at the flea market. 

What's going to happen with the bike?

The man was actually trying to sell it on "Craigslist style" website for about $345. But now that he found out it's from Canada, he says he wants to keep it and he has deleted the ad. 

However, BIXI says they intend on getting their bike back so I hope he isn't too attached to it. Although the bike costs $2,000, which means they might actually end up spending more money getting it back than what the bike is worth. 

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