Here’s The Ultimate Montreal Bucket List To Make Your Last Five Weeks Of Winter Epic

As you all know, Montreal's horrendous winter is shortly coming to an end. Yes, you may cry tears of joy because spring is rapidly approaching, but we still have five weeks of winter left. So, instead of spending the last few weeks of winter in hibernation, why not go out with a BANG!

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Downbelow is the most epic Montreal bucket list for you and your friends to enjoy the last few weeks of winter! The list includes a variety of activities both indoors and outdoors so there is definitely something on this list for everyone. Winter may not be your favorite season, but make winter 2017 the most memorable!

Make Your Last Few Weeks Of Winter Epic With Free Igloofest

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Price: $15

Go to Montreal's biggest outdoor winter party with all your friends this winter to part, dance, sing, and do it all again next week! The Igloo fest is all winter long every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, so cross it off your bucket list because the last two weeks are free.

Check out their website for more info

Make Your Last Few Weeks Of Winter Epic With The Winter Canyon

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How Far: 1 hour away!

Price: $25 per person

The Ausable Chasm is now offering their brand new Winter Tours! You can avoid the summer crowds and maybe even have the entire park to yourself on your birthday this year! It’s a fabulous first date because you can show them your adventurous side. You and your date will have a view of gigantic icicles that tower 150′ above the Ausable River and a chasm blanketed in snow. Two-hour guided winter tours are also available but reservations are required. All visitors must wear snowshoes or ice cleats for safety, depending on how much ice and snow have accumulated. Rentals are available for $10 per day if you do not have your own. You can even go on a special Photo Tour with resident photographers if your date loves photography.


Make Your Last Few Weeks Of Winter Epic With Flying Yoga

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Price: $20

2070 Rue Peel Montreal, Quebec

It’s official, Montreal has anti-gravity yoga! You can now fly through the sky in Montreal at Club Sportif MAA. Some call it aerial yoga or zero gravity yoga but whatever you call it, it’s cool AF! Anti-gravity yoga is a new kind of workout invented by aerial performers. It involves performing a series of exercises inspired by yoga, pilates, and aerial acrobatics for a total-body workout. So book your class ASAP so that you can cross it off your winter bucket list!


Make Your Last Few Weeks Of Winter Epic With Sunset Snowshoeing

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Snowshoeing and hot chocolate:

Friday and Saturday Evenings, January 6 to March 4

At nightfall, treat you and our friends to a big breath of fresh air and a hot chocolate along the way by snowshoeing at Mount Royal. This is a fun and a different way to enjoy winter in Montreal!

16 years of age and older: $22

Reserve online

Make Your Last Few Weeks Of Winter Epic With An Outdoor Spa

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Price: $50

124 Boul Labelle, Rosemère & Quais du Vieux-Port de Montréal, Rue de la Commune O

Pretend like you are getting a relaxing massage in Switzerland by heading to one of Montreal’s superb spas. If you want to feel like you are in secluded space, then I suggest trying Spa Le Finlandais. But if your heart is set on being on a boat, then check out Bota Bota! You get to relax in Montreal and see the city covered in snow once you go to their outdoor section. It's truly something you need to do ASAP this winter!

Facebook: Spa Le Finlandais & Bota Bota

Make Your Last Few Weeks Of Winter Epic With Rock Climbing

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1555 Rue St-Patrick

Since the cold weather has taken over Montreal, why not go indoor rock climbing with your active AF BFF this winter! Rock climbing is honestly super sun and it’s a great way to stay active with your BFF. So, head down to Allez Up because it's the perfect place to enjoy winter in a unique way!


Make Your Last Few Weeks Of Winter Epic With Le Ceramic Café

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Price: $35

4338 St Denis, Montréal, QC H2J 2K8

One of my personal favorite places is Le Céramic Café. It’s a great place where you can create art, relax, enjoy food, and overall have fun! You can choose whichever mold you like and the fun takes off from there! It’s a great way to distract you from being cold and it's a great activity to cross off your buket list.


Make Your Last Few Weeks Of Winter Epic With Tir du Soleil

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5186 Chemin Queen Mary

Why don’t you try something crazy and new with your BFFs this winter! I suggest going to Tir Au Soleil for some shooting and rubber bullets. It’s a great way to break the ice and to just have a fun time minus the snow!


Make Your Last Few Weeks Of Winter Epic With Skiing

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Price: $100

Enjoy skiing like you are in Switzerland this winter break by heading to Mont-Tremblant Village! It is absolutely stunning in the winter and will blow your mind! It’s actually named #13 on the list of the top 25 best ski towns! It's only an hour away so there is no excuse for you to not cross if off your bucket list this winter! Be sure to hurry down before it's too late.


Make Your Last Few Weeks Of Winter Epic With An Escape Game

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3550 St-Jacques

Instead of drinking, enjoy a winter day by signing up for an escape game at A/Maze. You and your friends pick a scenario and try to solve it together! It’s fun and a great alternative if you want to escape the cold weather.

Website + Facebook Page

Make Your Last Few Weeks Of Winter Epic With Sky-Venture

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Price: $68

2700 Avenue Du Cosmodôme

Visit Sky Venture and experience the first ever free fall simulator in Canada! Instead of parachuting in the summer, stimulate the same activity in the winter and cross it off your bucket list! It’s the next best thing to a vacation!


Make Your Last Few Weeks Of Winter Epic With Horseback Riding

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1271 Chemin Saint Louis, Saint-Lazare

The horse ranch in St. Lazare is only 15 minutes from downtown Montreal where you can enjoy horseback riding with that special someone this winter! The paths are absolutely gorgeous and the horses are lovely. This is a great way to embrace the heart of winter!


Make Your Last Few Weeks Of Winter Epic With Paint The Nite

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Price: $50

I suggest checking out Paint the Nite this winter if you love painting and winter scenery. Montreal gladly hosts multiple events at local bars. Simply go on their website and choose an event, which has a specific theme, and buy your tickets. Here, you will drink up, paint, and share amazing memories as you look back at your beautiful paintings. It’s the perfect winter activity that you must try with your BFF!


Make Your Last Few Weeks Of Winter Epic With A Helicopter Ride

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Price: 20 min = $300//30 min = $430// 60 min = $865

Instead of drinking and viewing Montreal from the top of Mont-Royal like on a typical winter day, why not fly over Montreal to really admire winter! Not only will this blow your mind, but it will also show you how beautiful winter can actually be... you may even being to miss it!


Make Your Last Few Weeks Of Winter Epic With Pole Dancing

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Price: $30

50 Rue Saint-Jacques

Why not step out of your comfort zone this winter and try pole dancing with your BFF! Not only is it a great workout, but it’s super fun and you will have a great time! I suggest trying Milan Pole Dance Studio where you can have fun, laugh at each other, and laugh at yourselves. This is something that needs to be crossed off everyone's bucket list!


Make Your Last Few Weeks Of Winter Epic With The Montreal Museum Of Fine Arts

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1380 Rue Sherbrooke O, Montréal, QC H3G 1J5

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts contains beautiful art galleries with hundreds of paintings and archaeological artifacts such as mosaics, frescoes, statues, and much more! It’s a great way to enjoy a lovely day while feeling fancy and avoiding the cold.


Make Your Last Few Weeks Of Winter Epic With Cocktail Classes

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Price: $40

444 Rue Saint-François-Xavier

Get drunk andgo to Ateliers & Saveurs to make some fancy cocktails this winter! You will learn how to prepare tasty cocktails with professionals who will show you how to get drunk the right way! Instead of buying drinks, you will be making them and forgetting all about the last few weeks of winter.


Make Your Last Few Weeks Of Winter Epic With Mont-Tremblant Village

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With several restaurants, a spa, and plenty of winter activities, be sure to check out Mont-Tremblant Village for a truly romantic time with your special someone or close friends! It’s a great place to go if you want to enjoy winter in its entirety! This is definitely something to cross of your almost over winter bucket list.


Make Your Last Few Weeks Of Winter Epic With Skating

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Price: $15

The Old Port skating rink seriously has it all: it’s got romance, fun, decorations, lights, and to top things off, it’s outdoors. It may not be the beach but it sure is fun especially in the winter! I mean common, who doesn't want to take an insta on the ice!

official website

Make Your Last Few Weeks Of Winter Epic With High Tea

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10 Place Phillips

Have the ultimate hightea experience this winter with all your friends Not only can you dress up and feel classy, but you can also enjoy a fabulous snack! If you love feeling classy and looking outside the window to the beautiful views of Montreal covered in snow, then high tea is the perfect option for you!


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