Here’s The Ultimate Montreal Bucket List To Make Your Last Three Weeks Of Summer Epic

All the things you've been meaning to do in the city.
Here’s The Ultimate Montreal Bucket List To Make Your Last Three Weeks Of Summer Epic

Guys, the end of the summer is rapidly approaching. Very very soon, it'll be back to school and work and real life for most of us, and before you know it the leaves are falling, and then bam, we're digging our cars out of 35 CMs of snow and wishing for summer all over again.

But no worries, friends. Before that happens, you can still make the most of the summer - and if you're on a budget, then I've got some great news for you. You can still do a bunch of awesome things, for the world's most perfect price: free. Don't believe me? Well, friend, prepare to believe.

1. On August 19 - 20, head over to Monkland for their Flavours Of Monkland end of summer block party.

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2. Get yourself to Lachine on August 25 - 27 and enjoy the many performances at the Festival De Theatre De Rue De Lachine.

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3. On August 15, get your fashion on and check out the Festival Mode & Design.

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4. Or, if history's more your thing, check out the 9x[MTL] outdoor art installation while you still have the chance.

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5. And don't forget to check out the 18th century market taking over the Old Port on August 27-28.

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6. If you're still not ready for Fall, squeeze out every single second of good weather by checking out one of these romantic picnic parks.

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7. Get your routine on fleek by waking up extra early to go running at any one of these spots.

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8. Or absorb as much of that summer vibe as you possibly can by checking out these beyond gorgeous Montreal biking paths.

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9. On September 2, check out the Olympic Stadium's First Friday food truck festival for one last time before school starts.

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10. Dig up an old half-bottle of alcohol you've got at home and create new, yummy cocktails to cap off the summer with.

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11. Pick a Sunday afternoon and absolutely go check out Montreal's Tam Tams before it's too late.

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12. And while you're there, get yourself to the top of the mountain for one last, stunning summer view of Montreal.

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13. Get yourself to Montreal's hidden waterfall, for one last, super cool adventure.

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14. Or just discover all of Montreal's most beautiful hidden spots for maximum summertime last minute accomplishments.

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15. Get yourself to the Plateau and discover all of this year's new murals, and take all the pictures of your favourite one.

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16. Check out Montreal's rapids at L'Ile De La Visitation, or the Lachine Rapids.

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17. Get to Montreal's Quartier Des Spectacles and hop onto the musical swings for one last summertime swing.

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18. Check out the A Fuego Lento fire and tango street show on August 25 at 9:00.

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19. Walk under the pink ball art installation on Sainte-Catherine Street while you still can.

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20. And stop by Montreal's Jardins Gamelin for some summer nighttime fun while the weather's still gorgeous.

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21. Get to Montreal's Rue Saint-Denis and walk under the open umbrella installation

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22. And then check out Saint-Denis' La Grande Terrasse Rouge, for maximum end of summer chillage

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