Here's The Ultimate Montreal Margarita Bucket List For Summer 2017

Senoritas need margaritas!
Here's The Ultimate Montreal Margarita Bucket List For Summer 2017

OK, so I have this conversation with my friends EVERY weekend in the summer. Whenever we want to go out and some margaritas together, we always have this problem trying to find somewhere to go depending on how far we want to travel, and which place is on our margarita bucket list. Are we in the mood to stay Downtown or venture to the Plateau? Then the question arises umm.... what place has the best margaritas?

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Well, not to worry! To help us all out I have composed this list of A1 restaurants and bars that have the most fabulous margaritas in Montreal and that are located in four of Montreal's most popular burrows! So, choose your location and text your BFF for your next  margaritas date.

Plateau Margaritas 🍷🍷🍷

Downtown Margaritas 🥂🥂🥂

Mile End Margaritas 🍸🍸🍸

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Plateau Margaritas :

1. Restaurant Manana

Le restaurant Mañana a la meilleure margarita aux fraises in town🍓🍹

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3605 St Denis St

Price: $

Ambiance: Fun and filled with all the best of Mexican food and culture.


2. La Distillerie no.2

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2047 Mont-Royal Ave E

Price: $

Ambiance: Great bar vibes and fabulous treats to match your margarita!


3. Barraca Rhumerie & Tapas

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1134 Mont-Royal Ave E

Price: $

Ambiance: Bar vibes with fancy& classy margaritas.


4. Los Planes Gourmet

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4115 St Denis St

Price: $

Ambiance: Cute outdoor terrasse with refreshing AF margaritas.


5. El Zaziummm Restaurant

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1276 laurier est

Price: $

Ambiance: This LIT Mexican themed restaurant has perfected the slushy margarita that we all crave in the summer!


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Downtown Margaritas:

1. La Belle Et Le Boeuf

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1620 Rue Ste-Catherine O

Price: $$

Ambiance: Great music, cute terrasse in the summer, and funky drinks that blow your mind.


2. Deville

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1425 Rue Stanley

Price: $$

Ambiance: this restaurant has a vintage yet modern diner vibe with HUGE drinks.


3. Mesa 14

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1425 Rue Bishop, Montréal

Price: $

Ambiance: this authentic Mexican restaurant serves margaritas at a fair price as you sit, relax and enjoy the vibes.


4. Escondite

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1206 Union Ave

Price: $$

Ambiance: this artsy dark restaurant has perfected the art of creating margaritas!


5. La Capital Tacos

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1096 St Laurent Blvd

Price: $

Ambiance: this Mexican street food inspired offer refreshing margaritas on a hot summer day to quench your margarita cravings!


6. Kampai

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1616 Saint-Catherine St W

Price: $$

Ambiance: Kampai garden may be known as the Japanese beer garden, but they sure do make a mean PITCHER of margaritas with their relaxing and modern decor.


7. 3 Amigos

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1657 Saint-Catherine St W

Price: $

Ambiance: This vibrant Mexican themed restaurant sure does take the cake on HUGE margaritas with will melt your taste-buds


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Mile End Margaritas:

1. Fortune

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6448 Boul St-Laurent

Price: $

Ambiance: A fusion blend of Southern U.S. soul food and Mexican fare with FAB drinks for marg lovers.


2. Ta Chido Snack-bar

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5611 Park Avenue

Price: $

Ambiance: This fun and artsy restaurant won't make you want to leave not only because of their decor, but because of their AMAZING margaritas.


3. Cartel Street Food Bar

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101 Avenue Fairmount O

Price: $

Ambiance: Pair your margarita with a $2 taco on Tuesday in this poppin' restaurant that is a mix of Asian, Mexican, and American flavors.



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5439 Boul St-Laurent

Price: $

Ambiance: These margs truly are to die for! This relaxing restaurant has a cute terrasse and it's a great place to sit back and enjoy summer!


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Old Montreal Margaritas:

1. Terrasse Nelligan

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106 Rue Saint Paul O

Price: $$

Ambiance: This rooftop terrasse sure does make you feel fancy AF! Not just because of their cute mini margaritas, but because of their hype ambiance.


2. Jardin Nelson

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407 Place Jacques Cartier

Price: $$

Ambiance: This garden themed terrasse sure does take the 'bottle' on being a cute AF terrasse with lowkey vibes. However, their margs will make you excited and craving more for days.


3. Terrasse Bonsecours

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364 Rue de la Commune East

Price: $$

Ambiance: This is for those who love the party scene! Enjoy a cute AF margarita as you dance the night away for enjoy a boozy brunch.


4. Joverse

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52 St Jacques St

Price: $$

Ambiance: This is supper club sure is one of a kind with their lowkey vibes and delicious margaritas.


5. Pub BreWskey

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380 St Paul St E

Price: $

Ambiance: This is small pub will blow your mind with its larger than life drinks! You can sip on a margarita as you relax and their terrasse or inside as you vibe to some music.


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