The Ultimate Montreal Mile End Restaurant, Bar & Hot Spot Weekend Bucket List

Explore one of the best boroughs of this city.

The city of Montreal is truly amazing. Whether you're coming from out of town to visit for the first time, you've already been and couldn't help but come back, or you've lived here your whole life, this is the perfect time for you to explore what this city has to offer. There's some great things to find here in Montreal, from cafes to restaurants, to bars and everything in between!

The Mile End is a very special area of the city, and though a lot of people associate it with the Plateau it really is it's own neighbourhood, bringing it's own unique charm to the city. If you haven't had a chance to discover what the Mile End has to offer, or even if you have and you're looking for new inspiration, this is the perfect time to do it.

I've compiled an itinerary for a day's worth of awesome activities, where you can pick and choose your favourite suggestions. I guarantee you'll have the best time discovering one of Montreal's most beloved areas!

First Stop: Morning Coffee

The first stop on your Mile End tour will begin with a good coffee. Here in Montreal, we take our coffee very seriously, so expect some of the best coffee you've ever tasted. Choose any of the following cafes for a delicious morning latte, filtered brew or tea lattes!

1. Cafe Falco

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5605 Avenue de Gaspé

This unique cafe is a mix of Japanese and French cultures all rolled up into an unreal cafe. It is located in an industrial warehouse on one of the many hip side streets in Montreal. They serve syphoned coffee, which is a very unique and fresh way to enjoy your morning brew!

2. Cafe Olimpico

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124 Rue St-Viateur Ouest

This is definitely one of the best cafe that Montreal has to offer. It is an Italian cafe, which features the best espresso you've probably ever tasted. The interior is large and spacious perfect for an early morning coffee. It is very popular among Montrealers because we all know how special it really is.

3. Cafe Névé Mile End

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781 Avenue du Mont-Royal E

This hip cafe is located inside the Frank and Oak clothing store, so you can enjoy a quick shopping trip while you sip on your perfect latte. The quality of the coffee and espresso is high end, you won't be disappointed with a classic cappuccino or latte here!

Second Stop: Fuel Up With Brunch

After you've woken up with your delicious morning coffee, now it's time fuel your body with some much-needed food to get you through the rest of the day. Try out any of the following brunch spots for some amazing and unique breakfast foods!

1. Faberge

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25 Avenue Fairmount O

Faberge is one of the most popular brunch spots in Montreal, and for very good reason. They have some of the most unique brunch foods you'll find. Try their PB&J french toast, which is stuffed with peanut butter and drowned in jelly, or try their mac and cheese eggs benedict, which is exactly what is sounds but tastes so delicious! Enjoy a nice mimosa as well if you want to start the day off right.

2. Le Butterblume

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5836 Boul St-Laurent

This adorable breakfast spot is serving up the best new breakfast trend: toast! They have some super stylish and of course, delicious toast that you must try while you're here. Their most popular is the zucchini cream with ricotta, poached egg and greens on top of their homemade bread!

3. The Sparrow

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5322 Boul St-Laurent

This brunch spot serves some unique breakfast foods that are so unbelievably good! You must try their Turkish breakfast plate, which comes with eggs, bread, jams, and a whole bunch of delicious vegetables or their Shakshuka, which is a skillet filled with two poached eggs, in a Moroccan spiced tomato sauce served with sourdough toast!

Next: Explore the neighbourhood

Now that you've fueled up with your morning coffee and brunch to end all brunches, it's time to get out there and explore the neighbourhood that you came here for! Whether you love art, books, flowers or shopping there's something for everyone in the Mile End!

1. Dragon Flowers

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159 Rue Bernard E

This is clearly the cutest flower shop in Montreal and yes it's right here in the Mile End. The outside is decorated with white painted bird cages and it looks like it's exploding with plants. Even if you aren't interested in purchasing any flowers on this trip, it's still worth it to walk over to this cute little shop and enjoy walking through the isles of fresh smelling flowers!

2. Drawn & Quarterly

Stared & swooned at beautiful books for 30 min at Drawn & Quarterly. #10hoursinMontreal

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211 Rue Bernard O

This cute little bookstore located in the Mile End is the perfect stop for book lovers. This shop features many local authors, graphic novels and indie comic books! It has a wide variety of interesting reads, you could spend a while looking through the isles of these colourful stories!

3. General 54

#ModeMtl #FibresCollectives Nous sommes au lancement de la nouvelle collection de @jennifer_glasgow_design à la boutique @general54mtl

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5145 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

This wouldn't be a trip to Montreal if you didn't enjoy some well-deserved shopping in some adorable boutiques. If you're looking to splurge on some high quality clothing, you've come to the right shop, if not this boutique is still so much fun to walk through and browse!

4. Galerie Simon Blais

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5420 Boul St-Laurent

If you're an art lover, you'll love Galerie Simon Blais. Enjoy walking through this gorgeous art gallery, with white walls, big windows, and bright natural light! It features mostly contemporary and modern art and they always have new and upcoming exhibitions.

After That: Enjoy a mid-afternoon lunch

You just spent a whole lot of time walking and exploring the neighbourhood so you're probably peckish again. Now it's time to enjoy a mid-afternoon lunch, but keep it light! You'll be enjoying a big dinner later in the evening.

1. Larry's

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9 Fairmount Ave E

This spot is perfect for a light lunch after a packed morning of exploring. They serve a tapas style lunch where you can share different dishes. They also serve a delicious beef tartar! Take a relaxing afternoon break from your exciting day in this stylish restaurant

2. Navarino Cafe

My 'hood inside out. #MileEnd

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5563 Av du Parc

If you're looking for a light, healthy lunch this is definitely the spot. Their meals are $7, where you can choose from a bar full of salads, light meals and Greek pastries! Their salad bar is to die for, which usually isn't the way you would describe a salad bar, but honestly the options are seemingly endless and they're all so good!

3. Farine

Lunch might just be the new brunch ???? #farinemtl #montrealeats #delicious #pasta #allwedoiseat #september #love

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102 Rue Saint Viateur O

This Italian style bakery and pizzeria has some of the best food you'll find here in the city. They have basically anything you could want, from a light Italian salad for lunch, to a delicious, creamy pasta or a cheezy pizza! All of their pasta and pizza dough is homemade and so amazing you'll want to come back again, I guarantee.

This Afternoon: De-stress after your busy day

At this point you're probably slowing down, it's been a big day already so I suggest treating yourself to something relaxing this afternoon. Whether that's an hour or two pampering yourself at the spa, relaxing in a peaceful park or enjoying an afternoon cocktail, you deserve to unwind and de-stress now!

1. Espace Nomad

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4660 Boul St-Laurent

This adorable spa in the Mile End has some awesome services that will definitely help you destress after your busy day so far! Enjoy a facial, massage, or any one of their unique spa packages because you really deserve to pamper yourself. They also offer some amazing health foods such as smoothie bowls and chia puddings!

2. Sir Wilfred Laurier Park

green city ??☺ #park #sirwilfridlaurier #montréal #quebec #canada #labordayweekend #love #nature #trees #green #igersnewyork

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Rue De Mentana & Avenue Laurier E

Take some time to stroll through this lusciously green park right here in the big city. Grab another coffee or simply bring a nice novel and sit on one of the abundant benches and relax! This park is one of the best in the city and it's definitely worth spending some well-deserved 'you' time in.

3. Dieu Du Ciel

LE GOÛTER #dieuduciel #brasserieartisanale #montreal

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29 Avenue Laurier Ouest

Stop by this insanely cool Mile End bar for an afternoon cocktail or beer, which is their specialty. Dieu du Ciel brews their own impeccable beers and they have some seriously unique flavours if you feel like trying something new! Chill out on their patio on a sunny day or enjoy the cool indoor setting.

Next: Dinner Time!

The most anticipated time of the day is always dinner time, and in the Mile End there's an unlimited number of amazing restaurants to choose from. Whether you're in the mood for sushi, high-end cuisines, or classic Italian foods you're bound to find something you'll love at one of the following restaurants!

1. Hotel Herman

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5171 Boul St-Laurent

Hotel Herman is the perfect place if you're looking to dress up and enjoy an upscale meal. They serve delicious small plates perfect for sharing multiple different meals, with Montreal-inspired foods and their presentation is what really takes the cake. They have a super cool U-shaped bar, which is the best part of dining at this restaurant, it creates an intimate atmosphere where you can fully enjoy your amazing meal!

2. Le Petite Maison

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5589 Av du Parc

This is definitely one of the most romantic restaurants you can find in the Mile End. The interior of the restaurant is all stone walls, with white table cloths and flowers and candles on each table. The food here is also unreal, enjoy a delicious lobster, a braised ham and creamy pasta dish, or a flaky salmon! You won't be disappointed here.

3. Saint Sushi Bar

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424 Avenue Duluth E

Saint Sushi Bar makes some the best looking sushi in all of Montreal. Seriously, their sushi is so stylish you'll probably want to admire it for a little while before you dig in! If you're bringing a friend or your special someone with you, I suggest the Maki tasting platter so you can share a little bit of everything! Make sure you come with an empty stomach so you devour as much of this unreal sushi as you possibly can!

Finally: Where to party

1. Datcha

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98 Avenue Laurier O

Datcha is a super cool club in the Mile End, which features unreal DJs and events happening all the time. If you're up for an awesome night filled with great electronic music and endless dancing, this is the place for you! Their bar also makes some unique and delicious drinks for everyone to enjoy.

2. Ping Pong Club

Game on.

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5788 Boul St-Laurent

This bar is definitely one of the most hip places to hang out in all of Montreal. If you're looking for a cool place to spend your night in the Mile End with great drinks, music and great people, this is definitely the place for you! This bar also brings something extra fun, they have a ping pong table and foosball! This creates a super fun and relaxed atmosphere for everyone to enjoy while they're hanging out and drinking.

3. Chez Serge

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5301 Boul St-Laurent

Has it always been your dream to try riding one of those mechanical bulls and totally kicking a$$ at it?? Well, now you can make that dream a reality at the Mile End's super fun bar, Chez Serge. The most popular attraction is obviously riding the bull, but they also have some awesome dancing, and giant drinks out of plastic buckets! If you're looking for a crazy night that you definitely won't be able to find anywhere else, this is definitely the place to come.