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Here's The Ultimate Montreal Sangria Bucket List For Summer 2017

Keep calm and ROSÉ all day!
Here's The Ultimate Montreal Sangria Bucket List For Summer 2017

OK, so I have this conversation with my friends EVERY weekend in the summer. Whenever we want to go out and have a glass of sangria together, we always have this problem trying to find somewhere to go depending on how far we want to travel and which place is on our sangria bucket list. Are we in the mood to stay Downtown or venture to the Plateau? Then the question arises umm.... what place has the best sangria?

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Well, not to worry! To help us all out I have composed this list of A1 restaurants and bars that have the most fabulous sangria in Montreal and that are located in four of Montreal's most popular burrows! So, choose your location and text your BFF for your next sangria date night.

For Plateau Sangira Spots, Click "NEXT"

Plateau Sangira Spots:

1. Fitzroy

via @fitzroymtl

551 Mont-Royal E

Price: Pitcher = $22

Types: Red or White

Ambiance: Bar/club scene with great music and billiards, great for a celebration!


2. Torches

74 Mont-Royal Ave E

Price: glass = $7

Types: Red or White

Ambiance: Bar scene with outdoor terrasse and great music with AMAZING Mac n' Cheese


3. Bily Kun

via @emiliecorbeil

354 Mont-Royal Est

Types: Red or White

Ambiance: Lowkey bar scene with different live music every night!


4. Else’s

via @hils_smith

156 Rue Roy E

Types: Red or White

Ambiance: Norwegian gem located in the heart of the Plateau


5. La Distillerie no.2

via @nightlifeca

2047 Mont-Royal Ave E

Price: Glass = $9.50

Types:Red Sangira De Rio

Ambiance: trendy 1950s vibe featuring seasonally inspired & spirits-driven cocktails


6. Barraca Rhumerie & Tapas

via @sapkrohn

1134 Mont-Royal Ave E

Price: Glass = $12

Types: Planter’s punch

Ambiance: Nightspot with a large rum list from around the world, plus Spanish tapas, nightly DJs & a patio


For Downtown Sangira Spots, Click "NEXT"

Downtown Sangira Spots:

1.Lola Rosa

via @rtptl

545 rue Milton, Montreal

Price: Glass = $8 & Pitcher = $24

Types: Kale pirinha, Keylime Pisco Sour, Turmeric Lassi, Mai Tai, Sweet potato Collins, Hibiscus Daisy...

Ambiance: great for a casual lunch with some nachos and sangria!


2. La Belle Et Le Boeuf

via @max_xime_

1620 Rue Ste-Catherine O

Price: Pitcher = $22

Types: Over 7 fruity flavors!!!

Ambiance: Lowkey restaurant vibes with good music, great for a first date!


3. Cinko

via @roxiebp

1641 Rue Saint-Denis

Price: Glass = $10 & Pitcher = $34

Types: red, white, rose, and royal.

Ambiance: Very laid back with their $5 dishes, good for a meal on the run with your BFF!


4. Deville

via @brittany.blair

1425 Rue Stanley

Price: Fish Bowl = $26

Type: Crushed Ice Sangria

Ambiance: Supper fun and great for a more fancy birthday dinner!


5. Moose Bawr

via @moosebawr

1817 Rue Ste-Catherine O

Price: Pitcher = $17

Types: cabane, sucre, nuits blanches, aloha havana, je m’en souviens, southside, sangria tropicale, breath of the dragon, white peach basil, asian lychee...

Ambiance: Great place to chill with your friends and watch the game!


6. Mesa 14

via @miss_tiffanyjew

1425 Rue Bishop, Montréal

Price: Glass = $6 & Half Pitcher = $12 & Full Pitcher = $24

Types: Red or White

Ambiance: Great if you and your friends want to go out late for some nachos and sangria!


For Little Burgundy & Griffintown Sangira Spots, Click "NEXT"

Little Burgundy & Griffintown Sangira Spots:

1. Canal Lounge

via @matnezaah

Quai Atwater

Price: Glass = $8 & Bottle = $22

Type: Red

Ambiance: Great vibes as you sit either inside or on top of the boat with fabulous views


2. L'Gros Luxe

via @frenchierine


Price: Glass = $10 & Pitcher = $25

Types: Red or White

Ambiance: Casual and has a bar vibe, very hipster and vintage!


3.Le Bureau Bar Tapas

via @jess.chae

1642 Notre-Dame St W

Types: Red

Ambiance: Tapas bar offering shareable plates in a contemporary ambiance


For Old Montreal Sangira Spots, Click "NEXT"

Old Montreal Sangira Spots:

1. Terrasse Nelligan

via @kristianess

106 Rue Saint Paul O

Price: Glass = $12 & Pitcher = $45

Types: White lychees, red wine, Grand Marnier, fruit, soda...

Ambiane: Rooftop Terrasse with a superb view of the city!


2. Jardin Nelson

via @hildagulli

407 Place Jacques Cartier

Price: Glass = $19 & Pitcher = $30

Types: Red, white, peach, melon, tropical...

Ambiance: More upscale with live Jazz bands in a beautiful garden terrasse!


3. Terrasse Bonsecours

via @terrassesbonsecours

364 Rue de la Commune East

Price: Demi-pichet = $18 & Pichet = $30

Types: Del Toro , La Pomme , White, Punch, Bleue, Kiwi Melon, Mojito...

Ambiance: A club vibe that doesn't only make their drinks look pretty but taste amazing!


4. Terrasse Place D’Armes

via @melanie.r.grega

55 Saint-Jacques Street

Price: Glass= $15 & Pichet = $40

Types: Red, White, or Clear

Ambiance: Classy rooftop terrasse with live DJ


5. Bevo

via @manon4m

410 St Vincent St

Price: Pichet = $40

Types: White

Ambiance: Classy Italian restaurant with fabulous pizza!


6. Terrasse Sur L'Auberge

via @miriansandovalt

55 Saint-Jacques Street

Price: Glass= $12 & Pichet = $42

Types: Red, White, or ROSÉ

Ambiance: Classic bistro offering French fare & drinks on a rooftop!


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