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Here's What To Expect In 2019 Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Start your New Year off with the right mindset!
Here's What To Expect In 2019 Based On Your Zodiac Sign

I stopped doing New Year's resolutions a long time ago. I just never accomplished them and they always made me feel bad about myself. I'd rather start my year with a positive thought that I can carry with me on the days that I'm killing it, and the days I'm not. That's a happy start to the year for me.

So I've compiled some guiding words and predictions for you to consider as you move into 2019. Take a look at your sign and consider what the New Year has in store for you!

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TL;DR This is your 2019 guiding principle, based on your Zodiac sign. Happy New Year!

Here are twelve hand-picked thoughts, quotes, and ideas for you to consider going into the New Year. No matter your sign, I have some thoughts for 2019 that will hopefully inspire you to think about your year differently.

Aries | March 21 - April 19

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Everything is in your court at the begining of 2019, Aries, so take advantage of your energy while it lasts. Then, be ready to take it slow.

Don't get frustrated if the rest of the year doesn't move at the speed of light, like you'd like it to. Patience is key.

Taurus | April 20 - May 20

While a Taurus doesn't love change, and thrives in routine, don't be afraid to give in to your impulses and be bold this year, Taurus. Uranus will spend some time in your sign this year, and that means inevitable hiccups.

Think outside the box this year and do it with determination.

Gemini | May 21 - June 20

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Your ability to burn all candles at both ends, without ever seeming to burn out, is truly impressive Gemini. However, with Neptune playing with your career this year, now is the best time for you to learn how to focus in on one thing and give it all you've got.

You've never shied away from a challenge before, so try the difficult task of being practical this year.

Cancer | June 21 - July 22

While a crab's natural instinct is to retreat when the going gets tough, this year is going to be different for you, Cancer.

Find it in yourself to adapt, face challenges head on, and learn to love the outcome, no matter what it is.

Leo | July 23 - August 22

As a lion, you like to be in charge, and that's not a bad thing, Leo. Your determination makes you who you are. But a little flexibility never hurt anyone.

Try to go with the flow and find solutions to problems instead of digging your heels in. You might be right, but you might also learn something along the way if you take a new path.

Virgo | August 23 - September 22

Virgos like to have a lot on their plate, because their dreams are endless and boundless. You are always seeking out the best possible version of yourself and that is seriously commendable, Virgo.

But this year, don't forget to remind yourself that you're enough. You are awesome without becoming the best at this thing or the next.

Libra | September 23 - October 22

The scales of Libra's constellation imply a desire for balance in all things. This is kind of an all-the-time mantra for Libras.

This year, however, you are going to see the fruits of your labour, Libra. Now all you need to do is relish in the balance in your life. Let the security of balance remind you what is important in your life and why.

Scorpio | October 23 - November 21

A Scorpio's mind is sharp, just like a scorpion's stinger. Your ability to think outside the box in order to reach your goals is one of your best qualities. What you sometimes lack, though, is actualizing.

Don't be afraid to speak your dreams into existence this year, Scorpio. Don't let your beautiful thoughts lay cooped up in your mind — speak them to the world! Communication can be a weak point for you so get out of your head this year.

Sagittarius | November 22 - December 21

As the year starts with Jupiter in you sign, you are going to feel like you have wings, Sagittarius. You're going to be able to accomplish so much that you may begin to truly think you are invincible.

While I wouldn't doubt that you are, don't forget to take care of yourself. You'll perform to your best ability if you rest, relax, and check in with yourself this year. No one is going to judge you for that.

Capricorn | December 22 - January 19

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As a Cap, going head first after your goals is no new venture. And this year is practically begging you to make your mark, Capricorn.

With no Mars retrograde in 2019, you've essentially been giving a free pass to chase those dreams. Don't be afraid to wander down a whole new road and discover new and different aspects of your complex self.

Aquarius | January 20 - February 18

While you are, of course, of the people, your individual self matters, too, Aquarius. Don't forget to consider your own surroundings, this year.

You've been gifted with skills of observation and a truly creative mind, so it's easy to always use those gifts for others. Don't be afraid to consider the people in your own life. Listen and be attentive and 2019 is sure to surprise you.

Pisces | February 19 - March 20

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Truly you are the master of go with the flow. Not only are you supremely easy going, Pisces, you are also capable of making yourself happy and comfortable no matter where you go.

Don't let this year make you soft, though. You'll need to seek variety and excitement to be sure you continue to learn new things and connect with new people. Who knows what new routines you could develop if you're open to them.

Happy New Year, everybody!

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