Here's When And Where You Will A Solar Eclipse In Montreal Next Week

Next week, a solar eclipse will take place, affording folks across Canada the chance to witness a rare celestial event. 

Taking place on Monday, August 21st, the solar eclipse will be visible across North America. 

Certain spots will provide better viewing for the eclipse, like in Vancouver, where 90% of the sun will be blocked by the moon. 

Montreal won't be the best place to see the solar eclipse, but it will definitely be visible. About 60% of the sun will be covered-up by the moon, which makes for a "partial eclipse."

For folks who are staying in the city to see the eclipse (tons of people are travelling great distances to see the full eclipse) then here's the info you need to know:

The eclipse will begin at 1:21pm. That will be when the moon starts to touch the edge of the sun. 

The eclipse will reach its maximum in Montreal at 2:38pm. 

And the eclipse will end at 3:50pm, when the moon leaves the sun's edge. 

You can see the eclipse from pretty much anywhere, but be sure to wear protective eyewear. Looking at an eclipse can cause permanent damage to your eyes, otherwise. 

Several events are being held in Montreal for the partial solar eclipse. The Montreal planetarium is hosting a viewing party and another event is being held on McGill Campus. 

Happy viewing, everyone!

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