Here's Where To Find The Best And Most Authentic Bagels In Montreal

All the crunchy and doughy goodness you love.
Here's Where To Find The Best And Most Authentic Bagels In Montreal

If you're from Montreal then you're sure to be super proud of our amazing bagels. Montreal bagels are unique and delicious, and better than any bagel you'll get anywhere else. Trust me.

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If you haven't been to an authentic bagel shop in Montreal, then really you haven't lived yet. Watching them knead the dough, twist it into that classic bagel shape, put it in the oven and serve it to you warm and doughy is honestly what dreams are made of.

Bitting into a freshly cooked bagel can make your day go from terrible to amazing in an instant. Now, you can't just waltz on into any chain grocery store and pick up a bag of bagels and expect it to taste the same. You need to go to an authentic shop. You need to. Now in case, you don't know where to go, here are the best and most authentic bagel shops in Montreal:


Of course, the original location on St-Viateur street is the best place to go, but they've been so successful that they've been able to expand all over the city. They've been making bagels since 1957, all hand-rolled, all authentic, and all good! Though their recipe is classic, that doesn't mean they haven't modernized the company a bit. They now have catering and amazing online services. So what are you waiting for? Get your butt to St-Viateur and get yourself a fresh bagel. Cream cheese is required.

Find it here!

Beaubien Bagel

Oh my god, just look at those damn sesame seeds. You've got me already. That's a sure sign of a great Montreal-style bagel. This amazing bagel shop has been recognized for its outstanding Bagels cuisine and fantastic service. They use only high-quality, fresh ingredients and have really brought modernity to the bagel recipe. You haven't had a Montreal bagel until you've made it over to Beaubien Bagel. 

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Fairmont Bagel

Did you know that Fairmont Bagel is actually the first place to have their bagel go to space? How cool is that? Astronaut Greg Chamitoff just couldn't go more than six months without these bagels. Now, what does that say about them? They're freaking delicious! They are the oldest and first bagel shop in Montreal. They were founded in 1919! Fairmont Bagel brought wood-fire ovens and authentic Montreal-style bagels to fruition. I think we owe them a big thank you.

Find it here!

Brossard Bagel

Seeing as I come from the South Shore, obviously, I'm super proud of this one. They prove that you don't have to live in the city to get a perfect Montreal-style bagel. The South Shore has them too. All of their bagels are handrlled and boiled in water that's sweetened with honey. And then, of course, they're baked in a wood-fire oven. They use eastern township maple wood which gives them a super unique flavor. Trust me, these bagels are definitely worth crossing the bridge to try!

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Dizz's Bagel

This amazing little shop was originally called R.E.A.L Bagel Cote St. Luc and it was founded in 1995 by Irwin Dizgun and his son Steve. Since then, it has really started doing some amazing things with bagels. As you can see from the picture above, they've been doing some pretty colorful things too. Dizz's Bagel is known for their epic rainbow bagels. They may look a little confusing at first because they look like dessert, but don't worry, it's just food coloring. They still taste like the delicious Montreal-style bagels we all know and love.

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Bagels on Greene

I honestly can't quite put how amazing this place is into words. I used to go here every single week for lunch because I just couldn't get enough. And let me tell you, while they make a damn good bagel, this place has the food of your dreams. It's actually kind of ridiculous. When people ask me to describe what kind of restaurant this is,  I have a really hard time. They've got bagels, they've got Indian food, they've got smoothies, they've got vegan donuts. I just don't know where to start. Basically all that to say, you've got to check it out for yourself. Bagels on Greene is a sensation. And now you know about it. You're welcome. 

Find it here!

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