Here's Why April In Montreal Is Absolutely The Worst For Weather

This is when it's finally going to get warm and stay warm.
Here's Why April In Montreal Is Absolutely The Worst For Weather

Relying on the weather as fuel for the small talk fire is always a classic and safe move when attempting to mingle with strangers.  But in Montreal, we do a lot more than just small talk about the weather.

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We collectively bitch and moan about it constantly. Especially this time of year, when the gusty winds of 4th winter rear their ugly heads.

When the temperatures suddenly - yet predictably - drop back down to freezing, we're quick to thrust our pumping fists into the air and whine at the injustice of mother nature.

The thing is, we all seem to forget that April in Montreal is, on the whole, a very cold month. Although the days are getting longer, history has shown us that the beginning of April is quite unforgiving.

Just to show you, here is the historical daily high for the past 10-years on this exact date, Monday, April 9th.

  • 2008: Max 15 / Min 2
  • 2009: Max 8 / Min 1
  • 2010: Max 8 / Min 4
  • 2011: Max 15 / Min 2
  • 2012: Max 9 / Min 4
  • 2013:  Max 8 / Min 4
  • 2014: Max 2 / Min 1
  • 2015:  Max 7 / Min 1
  • 2016: Max 1 / Min -6
  • 2017: Max 16 / Min -2

Although the historical average for this date exact according to wunderground is 13 degrees, looking at the past 10 years it seems like we are stuck in the statistical tail-end of the distribution.  Only three times during the past decade has the daily high hovered over 10 degrees.

Although this news may seem a bit grim, I will leave you with a piece of optimistic information. Historically, the second week of April - generally speaking, is the last very cold week of early spring. The historical average high for this week is a chilly 6 degrees. Brrrr.

However, the historical average for the third week of April - next week - quickly jumps up to to a balmy 16 degrees. Woohoo!  Let's hope that this year will stay on trend and we will all be in t-shirts sipping on sangria in no time.


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