Here's Why Québec Solidaire Spokesperson Manon Massé Has A Moustache

She has received a lot of nasty criticism.
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Here's Why Québec Solidaire Spokesperson Manon Massé Has A Moustache

Election season has begun in Quebec!

As provincial parties vie for the attention of voters ahead of the October 1st election with new promises, plans, and statements, Quebec residents have much to look forward to and an exciting decision ahead.

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You may have noticed that dozens of campaign posters have suddenly appeared across Montreal. Indeed, it will only be a matter of time before daring vandals deface the shiny visages on those posters.

But already one set of posters has caught the eyes of young Montrealers. And not because of vandalism!

Québec Solidaire posters of spokesperson Manon Massé have attracted attention for one feature in particular: her moustache.

It appears Massé's upper lip has been slightly blurred for the posters. But close observors will note the white fuzz that decorates her face.

While the moustache has become a signature of Massé's image, she has long received unjust criticism for the way she chooses to wear her facial hair.

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New and young voters may not know that the prominent politician sports her mustache as a public rejection of gendered conceptions of appearance and beauty.

If you think about it, it's pretty weird that we as a society police our own bodies to conform to unattainable ideals. The bodies of women, of course, are especially viewed with suspicion and subject to often contradictory standards.

By proudly wearing her facial hair, Massé is sending the empowering message that she refuses to surrender to unreasonable social pressure.

Indeed, Massé is an apt spokesperson for the democratic socialist party: Québec Solidaire aims to enact massive social and economic change.

The party has even used Massé's moustache in a publicity campaign:

"The authentic face of politics," the poster reads.

Stay tuned for more election news.


Thomas MacDonald
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