Here's Why You're Going To Be Depressed Until March

Time to get sadder, and sadder...
Here's Why You're Going To Be Depressed Until March

Say farewell to the sun, and your happiness, because you're not going to see either for quite a while.

Today, the sun is going to set at the nigh ridiculous time of 4:38pm. Thanks to daylight savings, which forced all of our clocks back an hour, we''re all losing the sun's warming rays well before five o'clock.

Anyone with a legit 9am to 5pm job will find themselves lacking any sunlight after work today, and for many weeks to come. Actually, make that months.

The sun's race from rise to fall will only get quicker as the days pass. By November 30th, you'll see the sun setting at 4:13pm.

Things only get worse from there.

Once December hits, we'll be collectively losing the sun even earlier. From December 7th to 14th, a distinct lack of sunshine will be experienced as early as 4:11pm. Yes, darkness will set upon Montreal by a wee bit after four friggen pm. Say goodbye to vitamin D, the notion that you have any time left in a day, or the general happiness you get from simply seeing the sun in the sky.

And again, things only get worse.

We won't see the sun setting after 5pm until February. And what do we get in February? Ultra frigid winds and subarctic temperatures, that's what. So even though the sun may be out a little later, you're not going to want to even go outside during the worst month of the year. There's a reason February is only twenty-eight days, it sucks too hard to go any longer.

Mark your calendars for March 13th, because that will be the day joy returns to your life after four months of despair, as DST starts once more. On the thirteenth of March, we'll get a sunset at the reasonable/normal time of 7pm. Unfortunately, that's a really long way away.

Say farewell to the sun people, because if you have a 40-hour work week, tons of classes, or just enough responsibilities to fill up a day, you're not going to be seeing many rays, if at all.

You're also probably going to feel a sensation of impending doom as you see the sun set earlier and earlier, inherently making you feel anxious that there isn't enough time left in the day to finish all of your tasks... and then you realize it's only 5:15pm.

Oh, and you know that little chemical in your brain called serotonin, the one that basically makes you feel happy? Well, that's excreted/makes life livable when your body is exposed to bright lights (read: vitamin D) which you won't be getting much of for the next four months.

Good luck y'all, and March can't come quick enough.

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