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Hestia Tea Is The Cool Tea-Cafe You've Been Looking For

A relaxing spot in the Concordia area perfect for students and tea-lovers alike.
Hestia Tea Is The Cool Tea-Cafe You've Been Looking For

Tea has become an obvious trend on the beverage and food scene. A 'healthier' alternative to coffee, tea can be a cup of caffeine to get your fix, or a soothing elixir to calm your nerves. For both tea-uses, there's a lack of tea vendors where you can actually sit down and enjoy your tea, or chug it down and get some work done. Tea moguls like David's Tea can be incredibly intimidating for newcomers to tea, and most don't even give you a place to sit. HestiaTea, located on Guy just above Sherbrooke, aims to be everything tea has been missing: a relaxing spot that is welcoming and stocks premium tea.

Walk into Hestia Tea and you'll notice the difference in decor and atmosphere compared to other tea join. Instead of walls lined with teas you can't pronounce, or knew existed, Hestia as a sleek design, a mixture of wood and metal, which makes it feel both modern and old fashioned. With many tables available and good lighting, Hestia is a great place for students to get work done or catch up with a friend.

Decor and atmosphere aside, tea is the focus at Hestia, and rightly so. Hestia holds a variety of about twenty teas at any given time, from black to herbal, in order to keep it simple for customers. All teas are offered in 50g and 100g to-go, and can be enjoyed in house as well, hot or cold. Teas change seasonally depending on flavours and availability, with each tea tasted and expertly chosen by Hestia's two owners.

Taking tea to the next level, Hestia offers a variety of signature tea lattes. Standards like chai and matcha lattes are avilable, as are unique creations like the 'Green Cappucino' (Vanilla+Matcha+Espresso) and the 'Montreal Fog' (Hazelnut+Chocolate+Vanilla), all of which can be ordered hot or cold and with/without sugar. Hestia does coffee too, as any espresso-based beverage can be ordered too.

Visiting the new tea spot, I got to try a hot and cold beverage from Hestia's menu. Hestia's Iced Raspberry Green Tea was cool and refreshing, and not overly sweet. You can really taste the green tea flavour, rather than it be overshadowed by sweet syrups (looking at you Starbucks). The Apple Pie Latte, a seasonal beverage, legitmatley tasted like the classic treat. Loaded with Fall spices and fruity undertones, the Apple Pie Latte lives up to its namesake.

Concordia students should definitely make the short trip to Hestia, as its a great study spot. Anyone else should visit for the great tea, comforting atmosphere, and friendly staff. If you come in more than once, Hestia will remember you and you'll get your 10th beverage free, as part of their card-free loyalty program. Making tea more accessible, Hestia Tea is a great local tea cafe well worth a visit.

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