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12 Hidden Montreal Spots You Can Bring A Date To Catch Rare Pokémon

So you guys can catch a Baemander.
12 Hidden Montreal Spots You Can Bring A Date To Catch Rare Pokémon

If you and your date are fans of Pokémon, then this is one seriously great time to be in Montreal. I don't even have to tell you guys that Pokémon GO has hit Montreal - hard - and that it's kind of forcing people to interact with each other in the real world. Which is a beautiful thing, no doubt.

But what if you and bae just want to get out there, have a fun, romantic time, and catch a little Pokémon while you're at it? No judgements, friend. It's all good. There are a few spots in Montreal that are known for having some of the more rare Pokémon, and that'll double as awesome date spots for you, the Pokémon GO lover, and your Pokémon GO loving lover. Don't know where to even begin looking for places? No worries. I got your back.

1. St. Joseph's Oratory

A photo posted by Dayanne Brenda (@bbrendayanne) on

What you can find: Dragonites. Dragonites everywhere.

Why you should go: St. Joseph's Oratory is seriously gorgeous. Other than the church itself, which is an experience all on its own, the Oratory is home to beautiful, sprawling gardens, complete with one seriously scenic water fountain. Bring your significant other there for good vibes, and for a good time playing Pokémon Go together.

2. Dorchester Square

A photo posted by Myriam Bouroche | Montréal (@passionmontreal) on

What you can find: Machokes, Hitmonlees, more.

Why you should go: Chilling downtown catching Pokémon is cool, but chilling downtown with bae catching Pokémon is even better. And there's no better spot to get to know your S/O a little better than Dorchester Square, situated right near The Bay. This central location not only has some seriously good vibes - and even better views of downtown Montreal - but it also happens to be close to both Concordia and McGill Universities, known hubs of Poké activity.

3. Old Port

A photo posted by Ève Durand (@evedurand_) on

What you can find: Dratinis, Golducks, more.

Why you should go: I honestly believe there's nothing more adorable and romantic than a stroll through Old Montreal's cobblestone streets, a gorgeous view of the St. Lawrence River, and a quest to catch all the Pokémon in the immediate vicinity. There's something undoubtedly charming about Old Montreal and the Old Port; get yourselves out there and explore, while catching Pokemon together.

4. Centre De La Nature De Laval

A photo posted by Jacqueline Vanderlei (@jacqueline_vanderlei) on

What you can find: Jynx, Polygon.

Why you should go: There have been a ton of rarer Pokémon spotted in Laval, especially near the Centre De La Nature nature park. Treat your significant other to a pretty nature park date and enjoy all the waterside views and gorgeous gardens this Laval spot has to offer... and then tap yourselves into Pokémon Go and catch some rare Pokémon. Not only will your catches be super cool, but they'll be memorable as well.

5. Atwater Market

A photo posted by Guillermo Castellanos (@guicastellanosvisuals) on

What you can find: Charmanders.

Why you should go: Because the Atwater market is one seriously awesome date spot. You and your lover can spend the day grocery shopping, noshing on delicious delights, checking out artisanal eats, and strolling through the super cool market like the super cool couple that you are. If you and bae also happen to be Pokémasters, then keep on the look out for rare Pokémon. Charmanders, and a whole bunch of other Pokémon, have been spotted at the market and its surrounding areas.

6. La Diperie

A photo posted by Yori DaVillas (@yoritography) on

What you can find: Ratatas.

Why you should go: La Diperie is honestly a classic Montreal ice cream spot - not only for a date, but for legit anything ice cream related. Home to freshly dipped ice cream rolled in a rainbow of foodstuffs, and the warm pastry cone, it's no wonder that this Plateau ice cream parlour often has a long line up. No worries, though. Combat the ice cream crave with your S/O by logging in to your games and seeing how many Pokémon pop up - there have been a lot of Ratatas spotted in the area, just FYI.


7. Beaver Lake

A photo posted by Linhy Banh ?☀️?⛵️ (@linhybanh) on

What you can find: Magmars.

Why you should go: Beaver Lake is situated on Montreal's Mount Royal, and it's one of the most perfect spots to go to for a date. You guys can enjoy a picnic at the park, maybe a little couple's jog around the lake, and if you guys are down, you can even take a little rowboat through the lake itself. Sounds adorable? That's because it is. Just make sure you guys set aside some time to catch those lit Magmars chilling in the area, while you guys are there.

8. Park La Fontaine

A photo posted by Ali (@inayali) on

What you can find: Meowths.

Why you should go: Honestly, how perfect is Park La Fontaine? This spot is located in the Plateau (a borough which also happens to be crawling with all sorts of Pokémon), and it's like an oasis, right in the middle of the city. With a huge, manmade lake/fountain right in the centre, plus tons of greenspace, there's no better spot to catch some Pokémon, and some awesome date vibes with your Poké partner.

9. Quartier Des Spectacles

A photo posted by Magali ?? (@magalii03) on

What you can find: Seaking, more.

Why you should go: Quartier Des Spectacles happens to be full of a whole variety of Pokémon, much like the Old Port/Old Montreal. Much more than that, though, it's one of the best places to take a date - there's always something going down, there are tons of awesome restaurants, and there's always Jardins Gamelin, the super chill "beer garden" that's a perfect end to any summer date.

10. Botanical Gardens

A photo posted by Mỹ Linh ??|?? (@rinhchan) on

What you can find: Growlithes, Onyx.

Why you should go: This area is full of Pokémon - especially closer to the Olympic Staduim - which is super lucky, because the Botanical Gardens is probably one of the nicest spots in the whole city to take a date. You can admire the beautiful flowers, fountains, trees, and Chinese gardens, while admiring your significant other... and when you guys are done, you can hop onto the app and catch yourself all the Growlithes.

11. Parc Baldwin

A photo posted by Jennifer De Braga (@jenniferleed) on

What you can find: Pinsirs.

Why you should go: The Plateau is pretty much bursting with Pokémon, rife for the catching, and although you can find Seals, Meowths, Pikachus, and more, depending on where you are, one of the cutest parks in this area is Parc Baldwin, where there just so happens to have been sightings of Pinsirs. So treat your date to an adorable park stroll, admire the beautiful greenspace in the middle of the bustling Plateau, and fire up that Pokémon Go game.

12. Parc Des Roseraies

A photo posted by Judith Drapeau (@judith_drapeau) on

What you can find: Pikachus.

Why you should go: Situated in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, this park offers tons of greenspace and good vibes, the perfect spot for you and your date to chill and get to know each other a little better. Nearby, at the Place Versailles, you guys can practise your Pokémon Go skills and try to catch one of the Pikachus that have been spotted in the area. Apps at the ready, guys.

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