"Highsexual" Is The Latest Term To Know For Marijuana Smokers

The internet creates a new word we don't really need.
"Highsexual" Is The Latest Term To Know For Marijuana Smokers

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You can apparently tack on -sexual to any word and create a new stratum of society. We saw it with Lumbersexual last month, and the latest, and arguably weirdest, is the "highsexual," a term now being discussed on on the interwebs.

What spawned the new psuedo-identity was a slightly scandalous question posed to the reddit community, which basically can be summed up by a guy asking: I'm straight when I'm sober, but when I'm super high, I wanna bang guys, is this normal?. And that is the crux of "highsexual," a guy (or girl) that only ponders/enacts in gay sexual activity when stoned.

From that initial question, a very long reddit conversation was sparked, which has gone on for over 2 weeks. Comments ranged from supportive, to sympathetic, to straight up mean (this is reddit after all), pointing to the fact that the idea of highsexuality actually resonates with people.

But is being a highsexual a real thing? Well, now that it's an internet-used term, it kind of is, though personally, I think it can only be used in a comical sense. Marijuana can lower inhibition and make you think about things you wouldn't normally when sober, like banging a guy, and if a person already has hidden bisexual or gay preferences, it makes sense those feelings would spurt up to one's brain. Otherwise I don't think highsexual warrants a classification of sexuality all its own.

As a gay guy who smokes a fair amount of marijuana, I like to think I have a valid opinion on the topic. But if you're super deep in the closet and need to hide behind the screen of highsexuality, no stress, do your thing, and lets smoke up sometime. Unless you're a lady, then I can't help you out...unless I'm a reverse-highsexual! No wait, that's ridiculous, never mind.

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