Hilarious Methods Canadian Cyclists Are Using To Keep Crazy Drivers From Hitting Them

Desperate times call for desperate measures
Hilarious Methods Canadian Cyclists Are Using To Keep Crazy Drivers From Hitting Them

Canada is known to have a vast landscape, with a lot of territory for one country. That means for commuters it can sometimes take longer to cover these distances than in other countries. 

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One way to quickly commute to work or school is biking. It's such an easy and efficient way to get around, not to mention the exercise you get with it! Unlike taking the bus, metro, or Uber, it also doesn't cost anything to do it.

Cycling does come with another cost – as we've seen in Montreal the number of cyclists that get hit every year could be lower. 

Overall though, Montreal is fairly safe for cyclists, especially when compared to Toronto. During 2016-2018, there were 93 deaths related to cycling in Toronto! While Montreal has an average of 3.75 deaths per year related to cycling. 

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Considering both cities have designated bike lanes and drivers should be accustomed to seeing cyclists on the road, cyclists shouldn't be getting hit by vehicles. 

Cyclists have been getting sick and tired of having vehicles drive so closely to them, either hitting them or just not giving them enough space.

It's gotten so bad that cyclists have resorted to creative and hilarious methods to stay alive. 

Some of these creative methods include using a pool noodle strapped to the back of their bike! 

Another method is to even use wood strapped on the back of the bike as a way to keep drivers at bay. 

Both are a great way to remind cars to leave one metre distance from them on the road – as the laws state. 


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