Hilarious Montreal Canadiens Themed Car Spotted On The Road

There is Habs pride and then there is this.
Hilarious Montreal Canadiens Themed Car Spotted On The Road

Some Habs fans simply but the rest of us to shame. We're not talking about the face-painting, foam-finger, always rocking a jersey type of fans, we're talking about the people who live and breathe Habs culture day in and day out, well before and beyond hockey season. These die-hard fans deserve some cred, so we're giving the owner of this amazing Montreal Canadiens car the props she/he deserves.

The candid car shots, taken by MontrealerRoberto Simoniello, showcase just how much this citizen adores the Habs, and all of Montreal actually. A cartoon-like waterside landscape is depicted on the side of the car (we're assuming its supposed to be the island of Montreal) with a Habs and Expos logo perched atop the landmass like two celestial bodies watching over all of Montreal.

Maybe that's a little more poetic than the car's MTL-centric makeover warrants, but either way, no one can deny this person adores Montreal's sports teams. Check out pics below.

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