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Hilarious New Video Proves How Bad Montreal's Road Construction Really Is

We can all agree that the contruction across Montreal is absolutely out of control. Since the summer began, we have constantly been facing road closures, detours, and more. All we can do is watch and beg for the extended construction season to end soon.

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TL;DR One Montrealer has gone to such creative lengths to get his message across that he made a video of himself driving around Montreal, constantly confronted by construction closures. The video voices what all of us have been thinking and is a hilarious spin on what we all know to be the unfortunate truth.

It's especially bad if you're a commuter that drives. Having a car in the city is basically pointless because you're probably going to get around faster by walking. 

One Montrealer has officially had enough of the never-ending construction and actually went as far as making a video just to prove how bad our city really has it.

Although the video is pretty hilarious, it's also painfully true. Once you see it for yourself, you'll agree that you've probably been in this guy's shoes before.

The Montrealer, clearly sick and tired of the endless road closures, films himself driving down city streets only to be confronted with "BARRÉE" signs in every direction.

He then breaks into song accompanied by a super catchy tune. All the while looking pretty unimpressed with the state of the city.

The video continues with him driving down even more streets littered with traffic cones and road closure signs.

It's safe to say this person has just become the voice for thousands of Montrealers. Seriously, construction is just getting way out of hand!

Although this was a super silly and light-hearted way to go about getting a message across, not all of us can say we react to road closures so playfully. 

At least next time you're stopped by a road closure sign, you'll be able to break out the new construction anthem that's probably already stuck in your head.

Watch the video below:


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