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Hilarious Spring Fashion Trends You Only See In Montreal

A guide to dressing for the changing weather.
Hilarious Spring Fashion Trends You Only See In Montreal

The warm spring air is blowing into town! You know that means days trips to the Sugar shack, long romantic walks up Mont-Royal, and lazy afternoons sipping espresso on Cafe Olympics terrace.

It's time for Montrealers to shed their bulky winter gear, stretch their arm to the sun, and get outside. But - it's not all sunshine and rainbows.

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Like a hormonal teenager that loves you one day, and hates you the next,  early spring in Montreal is, in short - unstable. With temperatures rising to a blissful spring warmth during the day, and a freezing below 0 temperatures at night. Adding an extra layer of difficulty when getting dressed in the morning. All. puns. intended.

The Result:  hilarious, confusing, and embarrassment-inducing #mtlspring looks seen around the city year after year. 

Can't blame Montrealer's though, in general,  dressing for anything above 18 degrees is fairly intuitive: a t-shirt and a light jacket for those who get chilly at night.  And similarly, anything under 5  degree means a heavier coat, sweater, tuque, and gloves, for all. 

But when it comes to dressing for weather that see-saws between 0 and 18 degrees, it seems Montrealers are totally lost. Here are some tips to keep in mind to be able to navigate the difficult task of dressing for early spring in Montreal.

Rule #1: don't kid yourself. Anything between 0-12 degrees requires a warm coat or jacket made of light wool or down filling. I know we all want to run around in shorts and t-shirt, but unless you want to get stuck with a cold, it's not quite time - yet.

Rule #2: once we start hitting the mid-teens, things get a little more interesting and flexible. This is when you can really shed those clunky winter layers. Here comes your favorite leather jacket to save the day. You can layer with a hoodie for extra warmth when the temperature drops down at night. Throw on a light tuque for extra points.

Rule #3: don't forget, open toe footwear such as flip-flops and sandals will generally invite weird stares from passers-by unless it's above 18 degrees.  So, stick to closed toe options until at least mid-April. 

Rule #4: Do us all a favor - unless you want to be the star of some random person's Instagram story stop wearing extra-heavy Arctic-styleexpedition parkas once temperatures hit above zero degrees.

Rule #5: Unless you want to get sick and wet, bare legs when there is still visible snow on the ground is not advisable. Especially wearing flowy and light summer skirts or dressers.  I want to bust my summer dresses out too, it's just too soon. 

Personally, I'm very excited to see how this spring will pan out in Montreal, considering the early arrival of warm weather - I think it's going to be a good one. Don't forget #mtlspring to build a collection of all the hilarious outfit fails around the city. 

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