Hip Hop Karaoke: Just For Laughs Edition Was Furiously Fresh

Thursday the 25th of July 2013 was an excellent night for unrestrained, uninhibited showmanship down at that classy dame of a venue; Le Belmont.

Hip Hop Karaoke has been bringing up the roof-blowing steadily since they first brought the beat to Le Belmont back in Spring ’11. Their Facebook page makes sure to ask new singers if they’re sure they’re ready to become legends because truly; with great youth appeal comes great responsibility!

The place was packed on Thursday. People from every corner of the city shoulder to shoulder were there to support their favourite acts, it became immediately obvious where the legendary legends were at.

Among the cray-est crowd favourites was Holden Stephan Royus, who we got to chat up while waiting outside the doors.

“All first timers, including myself, are blown away by the overall quality and dedication people bring” says Royus, who has risen to recognition throughout the past year at HHK’s monthly events. “HHK has provided somewhere safe to perform and have fun with it.

HHK has proven to be a legitimate branch of Montreal’s independent and budding hip hop scene, with many local artists paying homage to their influences through Karaoke “When I rap my own music” Royus continues, “I can feel the impact HHK has had on my stage presence.”

Just For Laughs decided to swallow up a few of the cities annual summer events this year, Hip Hop Karaoke among them. We got the impression from our inquiries that no one was really quite sure of how the comedy fest’s involvement would bring anything more, for better or worse to the show. The marriage culminated with a few JFL comedians gracing the stage with some of their high school faves (these were white guys in their late 30s).

And they were funny! And the legends were rockstars, and the newcomers, bold and good vibes had been slipped into everyone’s drinks.

Photo cred - Chelsea Tetrault