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Hip Hop Karaoke Montreal Celebrates Its One Year Anniversary

HHK celebrates with Sun Youth toque drive.
Hip Hop Karaoke Montreal Celebrates Its One Year Anniversary

After its month long hiatus, Hip Hop Karaoke is back by popular demand. On Thursday night, join us at Le Belmont to celebrate Hip Hop Karaoke's one year anniversary! If you've never been to an HHK event, you're missing out! The event, which first originated in New York, provides Montrealers with a chance to participate in a truly unique cultural experience.

Every month, HHK invites Montrealers to get on stage and pay respect to their favorite rap icons by performing their most popular tracks in a karaoke setting, except lyrics are prohibited!

Over the past year, HHK Montreal has evolved into one of the most energy packed and entertaining events. This summer, the event collaborated with the notable Just For Laughs Festival. In its celebration, HHK Montreal has introduced catering to the event, as well as trivia segments with live giveaways and awesome prizes.

In order to share its one year anniversary celebration with the community, HHK is holding a toque drive. For each hat purchased, 5 more will be donated to the Sun Youth organization, which provides various services and programs to seniors, youth, low income families and those with special needs.

The stylish toque represents the HHK slogan: "Are Your Ready to Become a Legend?", which symbolizes the importance and goal of giving people the opportunity to showcase their love of hip hop through creative means. Help spread the warmth this Winter and be sure to get your toques herewhere they'll be available year round.

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