HMV Is Having A Mega Going Out Of Business Sale In Montreal

Quite possibly the last CDs you'll ever buy. Lol.
HMV Is Having A Mega Going Out Of Business Sale In Montreal

When I was growing up, this was pretty much the only place you could buy music. Back in the days when you didn't mind paying $25 for a CD with 12 tracks on it.

Well my friends, the times are changing. HMV has announced that they will be closing every single store in Canada.

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The stores are set to close by April 30th, but that means good news for you because until then, there is a massive closing sale going on.

HMV needs to sell off as much inventory as possible, so right now, everything in store is now up to 30% off.

And remember, they don't just sell CDs. They also have DVDs, blu-rays, posters, vinyls, t-shirts, collectibles, earphones and more.

So if you have any of those re-gifted HMV gift certificates sitting in a drawer somewhere, it's now or never.

You'd better hurry before all the good stuff gone.

Although HMV is closing in Canada, the company will still operate in the U.K., Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan.

(TIL) Today I Learned: Until today, I never actually knew what HMV stood for. I always figured it was something like "Happy Music & Video". But it actually stands for "His Master’s Voice", which was the name of a painting showing a dog listening to music.