Hordes Of Extreme Toronto Raptors Fans Are Settling In Tents In The Pouring Rain Outside Jurassic Park (Video)

Tonight, the Toronto Raptors and Golden State Warriors will face off in the 5th game of the NBA Finals. If the Raptors win tonight's game, the team will claim not only its first championship, but also the first championship of any Canadian team since the Blue Jays and Canadiens claimed their own titles in 1993 — 26 years ago.

As a result, Canadians are bracing for a historic moment. In Montreal, rue Peel will host a giant Raptors viewing party complete with large screens. Torontonians, meanwhile, are taking celebrations to a whole other level. Officials in the city are even bracing for massive demonstrations in the street.

Some Raptors fans are going to extremes to get a chance to watch the potentially momentous game tonight. Photos and videos posted to social media show hundreds of individuals enduring pouring rain to line up in front of Jurassic Park in Toronto.

The footage is astonishing. Dozens of people are huddled beneath tarps and makeshift tents to protect themselves from the rain. Some intelligent fans brought their own camping gear. Others are completely exposed to the elements. 

These fans are proud to call themselves the most avid in Canada.

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People on Twitter are pretty impressed.

What is sure is that fans of the Golden State Warriors, who are based in sunny Oakland, California, have never had to wait through pouring rain, snow, or extreme weather for their team.

Maybe this demonstration of deep commitment to the team will be enough to carry it through victory tonight.

Stay tuned for more news from the NBA Finals. The situation outside Jurassic Park is changing rapidly as more fans crowd into the area. Celebrations are sure to escalate.

To see more ways Raptors fans are expressing their excitement, explore the #RaptorsIn5 on Twitter here.