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Hold On To Your Butts Montreal, Winter 2018 Will Be Longest And Coldest In Years

Savour the warm weather while it's still here.
Hold On To Your Butts Montreal, Winter 2018 Will Be Longest And Coldest In Years

I know it's a little early to start talking about winter, but it's never too early to prepare yourself mentally. And this news comes straight from the Old Farmer's Almanac.

These guys make long term weather predictions and somehow they are always right. In fact they claim to have an 80% success rate.

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Their predictions are based on some ancient secret formula created by wizards or something. I'm not too sure, anyways, this time they come bearing bad news.

Apparently winter has been taking it easy on us for the last couple of years, and now it's coming back with vengeance.

"Winter will be snowier than normal, with above-normal precipitation"

Other than January and March, temperatures are supposed to below average, so it's also going to be colder. 

Then after that they say:

"April and May will be rainier and slightly cooler than normal."

So basically we're lots of snow, lots of cold, and an extra long winter. Then we'll be wrapping it up with a shit ton of rain. Just perfect... 

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At the very least, maybe we'll get a decent ski season this year.


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