Hollywood Actor Jay Baruchel Wakes Up Habs' Carey Price

Every Montreal Canadiens fans' dream come true.
Hollywood Actor Jay Baruchel Wakes Up Habs' Carey Price

Sneaking into someone's home when they're peacefully sleeping is not okay and incredibly creepy, unless you're Santa Clause, and even then, it's still weird. Not even Jay Baruchel can pull it off, though he nearly does when creeping into Carey Price's room to watch him sleep.

Playing a stalker-level Habs fan (himself?), Baruchel, in the video below, breaks into Price's bedroom to watch him sleep. Like you'd expect, when Price wakes up to see Baruchel gazing down at him, things get hilariously awkward.

The video, which you can watch below, is part of the Habs' new Club 1909 global fan campaign. Hopefully the loyalty program generates more funny vids like this with celebs, or just more Jay Bruchel.


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